EIP-1013: Hardfork Meta: Constantinople Source

AuthorNick Savers
Requires 145, 609, 1014, 1052, 1234, 1283


This meta-EIP specifies the changes included in the Ethereum hardfork named Constantinople.


  • Codename: Constantinople
  • Aliases: Metropolis/Constantinople, Metropolis part 2
  • Activation:
    • Block >= 7_280_000 on the Ethereum mainnet
    • Block >= 4,230,000 on the Ropsten testnet
    • Block >= 9_200_000 on the Kovan testnet
    • Block >= 3_660_663 on the Rinkeby testnet
  • Included EIPs:
    • EIP-145: Bitwise shifting instructions in EVM
    • EIP-1014: Skinny CREATE2
    • EIP-1052: EXTCODEHASH Opcode
    • EIP-1234: Delay difficulty bomb, adjust block reward
    • EIP-1283: Net gas metering for SSTORE without dirty maps


  1. The list above includes the EIPs discussed as candidates for Constantinople at the All Core Dev Constantinople Session #1. See also Constantinople Progress Tracker.
  2. https://blog.ethereum.org/2019/02/22/ethereum-constantinople-st-petersburg-upgrade-announcement/

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