4 EIP Classification Joseph Chow
86 Abstraction of transaction origin and signature Vitalik Buterin
101 Serenity Currency and Crypto Abstraction Vitalik Buterin
107 safe "eth_sendTransaction" authorization via html popup Ronan Sandford
173 ERC-173 Contract Ownership Standard Nick Mudge, Dan Finlay
191 Signed Data Standard Martin Holst Swende, Nick Johnson
205 ENS support for contract ABIs Nick Johnson
210 Blockhash refactoring Vitalik Buterin
233 Formal process of hard forks Alex Beregszaszi
234 Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC filter options. Micah Zoltu
615 Subroutines and Static Jumps for the EVM Greg Colvin, Paweł Bylica, Christian Reitwiessner
616 SIMD Operations for the EVM Greg Colvin
627 Whisper Specification Vlad Gluhovsky
665 Add precompiled contract for Ed25519 signature verification Tobias Oberstein
681 URL Format for Transaction Requests Daniel A. Nagy
689 Address Collision of Contract Address Causes Exceptional Halt Yoichi Hirai
695 Create `eth_chainId` method for JSON-RPC Isaac Ardis, Wei Tang, Fan Torchz
712 Ethereum typed structured data hashing and signing Remco Bloemen, Leonid Logvinov, Jacob Evans
725 Proxy Identity Fabian Vogelsteller
758 Subscriptions and filters for completed transactions Jack Peterson
777 A New Advanced Token Standard Jacques Dafflon, Jordi Baylina, Thomas Shababi
778 Ethereum Node Records (ENR) Felix Lange
801 ERC-801 Canary Standard ligi
820 Pseudo-introspection Registry Contract Jordi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon
823 Token Exchange Standard Kashish Khullar
831 URI Format for Ethereum ligi
858 Reduce block reward and delay difficulty bomb Carl Larson
867 Standardized Ethereum Recovery Proposals Dan Phifer, James Levy, Reuben Youngblom
868 Node Discovery v4 ENR Extension Felix Lange
884 DGCL Token Dave Sag
897 ERC DelegateProxy Jorge Izquierdo, Manuel Araoz
900 Simple Staking Interface Dean Eigenmann, Jorge Izquierdo
902 Token Validation Brooklyn Zelenka, Tom Carchrae, Gleb Naumenko
908 Reward clients for a sustainable network James Ray, Micah Zoltu
918 Mineable Token Standard Jay Logelin, Infernal_toast, Michael Seiler
926 Address metadata registry Nick Johnson
927 Generalised authorisations Nick Johnson
969 Modifications to ethash to invalidate existing dedicated hardware implementations David Stanfill
998 ERC-998 Composable Non-Fungible Token Standard Matt Lockyer, Nick Mudge, Jordan Schalm
999 Restore Contract Code at 0x863DF6BFa4469f3ead0bE8f9F2AAE51c91A907b4 Afri Schoedon
1010 Uniformity Between 0xAb5801a7D398351b8bE11C439e05C5B3259aeC9B and 0x15E55EF43efA8348dDaeAa455F16C43B64917e3c Anderson Wesley
1011 Hybrid Casper FFG Danny Ryan, Chih-Cheng Liang
1013 Hardfork Meta: Constantinople Nick Savers
1014 Skinny CREATE2 Vitalik Buterin
1015 Configurable On Chain Issuance Alex Van de Sande
1046 ERC20 Metadata Extension Tommy Nicholas, Matt Russo, John Zettler, Matt Condon
1047 Token Metadata JSON Schema Tommy Nicholas, Matt Russo, John Zettler
1051 Overflow checking for the EVM Nick Johnson
1052 EXTCODEHASH opcode Nick Johnson, Paweł Bylica
1057 ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-Work Radix Pi, Ifdef Else
1062 Formalize IPFS hash into ENS(Ethereum Name Service) resolver Phyrex Tsai, Portal Network Team
1066 Status Codes Brooklyn Zelenka, Tom Carchrae, Gleb Naumenko
1077 Executable Signed Messages refunded by the contract Alex Van de Sande, Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt
1078 Universal login / signup using ENS subdomains Alex Van de Sande
1080 Recoverable Token Bradley Leatherwood
1087 Net gas metering for SSTORE operations Nick Johnson
1102 Opt-in provider access Paul Bouchon
1108 Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costs Antonio Salazar Cardozo
1109 PRECOMPILEDCALL opcode (Remove CALL costs for precompiled contracts) Jordi Baylina
1123 Revised Ethereum Smart Contract Packaging Standard g. nicholas d’andrea, Piper Merriam, Nick Gheorghita, Danny Ryan
1129 Standardised DAPP announcements Jan Turk
1132 Extending ERC20 with token locking capability nitika-goel
1153 Transient storage opcodes Alexey Akhunov
1154 Oracle Interface Alan Lu
1155 Crypto Item Standard Witek Radomski, Andrew Cooke
1175 Wallet & shop standard for all tokens (erc20) Jet Lim
1178 Multi-class Token Standard Albert Chon
1191 Add chain id to mixed-case checksum address encoding Juliano Rizzo
1193 Ethereum Provider JavaScript API Ryan Ghods, Marc Garreau
1202 Voting Standard Zainan Victor Zhou, Evan, Yin Xu
1203 ERC-1203 Multi-Class Token Standard (ERC-20 Extension) Jeff Huang, Min Zu
1207 DAuth Access Delegation Standard Xiaoyu Wang, Bicong Wang
1227 Defuse Difficulty Bomb and Reset Block Reward SmeargleUsedFly
1240 Remove Difficulty Bomb Micah Zoltu
1261 Membership Verification Token (MVT) Chaitanya Potti, Partha Bhattacharya
1271 Standard Signature Validation Method for Contracts Francisco Giordano, Matt Condon, Philippe Castonguay
1276 Eliminate Difficulty Bomb and Adjust Block Reward on Constantinople Shift EOS Classic
1283 Net gas metering for SSTORE without dirty maps Wei Tang
1285 Increase Gcallstipend gas in the CALL OPCODE Ben Kaufman, Adam Levi
1295 Modify Ethereum PoW Incentive Structure and Delay Difficulty Bomb Brian Venturo
1319 Smart Contract Package Registry Interface Piper Merriam, Christopher Gewecke, g. nicholas d'andrea
1328 WalletConnect Standard URI Format
1352 Specify restricted address range for precompiles/system contracts Alex Beregszaszi (axic)
1355 Ethash 1a Paweł Bylica, Jean M. Cyr [@jean-m-cyr](https://github.com/jean-m-cyr)
1380 Reduced gas cost for call to self Alex Beregszaszi, Jacques Wagener


145 Bitwise shifting instructions in EVM Alex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica
1234 Constantinople Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Adjustment Afri Schoedon


2 Homestead Hard-fork Changes Vitalik Buterin
6 Renaming SUICIDE opcode Hudson Jameson
7 DELEGATECALL Vitalik Buterin
8 devp2p Forward Compatibility Requirements for Homestead Felix Lange
20 ERC-20 Token Standard Fabian Vogelsteller, Vitalik Buterin
55 Mixed-case checksum address encoding Vitalik Buterin
100 Change difficulty adjustment to target mean block time including uncles Vitalik Buterin
137 Ethereum Domain Name Service - Specification Nick Johnson
140 REVERT instruction Alex Beregszaszi, Nikolai Mushegian
141 Designated invalid EVM instruction Alex Beregszaszi
150 Gas cost changes for IO-heavy operations Vitalik Buterin
155 Simple replay attack protection Vitalik Buterin
160 EXP cost increase Vitalik Buterin
161 State trie clearing (invariant-preserving alternative) Gavin Wood
162 Initial ENS Hash Registrar Maurelian, Nick Johnson, Alex Van de Sande
165 ERC-165 Standard Interface Detection Christian Reitwießner, Nick Johnson, Fabian Vogelsteller, Jordi Baylina, Konrad Feldmeier, William Entriken
170 Contract code size limit Vitalik Buterin
181 ENS support for reverse resolution of Ethereum addresses Nick Johnson
190 Ethereum Smart Contract Packaging Standard Piper Merriam, Tim Coulter, Denis Erfurt, RJ Catalano, Iuri Matias
196 Precompiled contracts for addition and scalar multiplication on the elliptic curve alt_bn128 Christian Reitwiessner
197 Precompiled contracts for optimal ate pairing check on the elliptic curve alt_bn128 Vitalik Buterin, Christian Reitwiessner
198 Big integer modular exponentiation Vitalik Buterin
211 New opcodes: RETURNDATASIZE and RETURNDATACOPY Christian Reitwiessner
214 New opcode STATICCALL Vitalik Buterin, Christian Reitwiessner
606 Hardfork Meta: Homestead Alex Beregszaszi
607 Hardfork Meta: Spurious Dragon Alex Beregszaszi
608 Hardfork Meta: Tangerine Whistle Alex Beregszaszi
609 Hardfork Meta: Byzantium Alex Beregszaszi
649 Metropolis Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Reduction Afri Schoedon, Vitalik Buterin
658 Embedding transaction status code in receipts Nick Johnson
706 DEVp2p snappy compression Péter Szilágyi
721 ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard William Entriken, Dieter Shirley, Jacob Evans, Nastassia Sachs
779 Hardfork Meta: DAO Fork Casey Detrio
1167 Minimal Proxy Contract Peter Murray, Nate Welch, Joe Messerman


1 EIP Purpose and Guidelines Martin Becze, Hudson Jameson, and others https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-1.md


3 Addition of CALLDEPTH opcode Martin Holst Swende