EIP-2681: Limit account nonce to 2^64-1 Source

AuthorAlex Beregszaszi
TypeStandards Track


Limit account nonce to be between 0 and 2^64-1.


This is motivated by Eth1.x / Stateless Ethereum discussions, more specifically discussion around the “witness format”. Introducing a restriction would allow storing the nonce in a more optimised way.

Additionally it could prove beneficial to transaction formats, where some improvements are potentially sought by at least three other proposals.

Lastly this facilitates a minor optimisation in clients, because the nonce no longer needs to be kept as a 256-bit number.


If block.number >= FORK_BLOCK introduce two new restrictions:

  1. Consider any transaction invalid, where the nonce exceeds 2^64-1.
  2. The CREATE instruction to abort with an exceptional halt, where the account nonce is 2^64-1.


  1. It is unlikely for any nonce to reach or exceed the proposed limit. If one would want to reach that limit via external transactions, it would cost at least 21000 * (2^64-1) = 387_381_625_547_900_583_915_000 gas.

  2. It must be noted that in the past, in the Morden testnet, each new account had a starting nonce of 2^20 in order to differentiate transactions from mainnet transactions. This mode of replay protection is out of fashion since EIP-155 introduced a more elegant way using chain identifiers.

  3. Most clients already consider the nonce field to be 64-bit, such as go-ethereum.

Backwards Compatibility

While this is a breaking change, no actual effect should be visible:

  1. There is no account in the state currently which would have a nonce exceeding that value. Need to double check, but would be very surprised.

  2. go-ethereum already has this restriction in place (state.Account.Nonce and types.txdata.AccountNonce it as a 64-bit number).

Security Considerations


Test Cases




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