Last Call

234 Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC filter options. Micah Zoltu
1193 Ethereum Provider JavaScript API Fabian Vogelsteller, Ryan Ghods, Victor Maia, Marc Garreau, Erik Marks
2786 Ethereum Provider Connect/Disconnect Events Micah Zoltu, Erik Marks


107 safe "eth_sendTransaction" authorization via html popup Ronan Sandford
712 Ethereum typed structured data hashing and signing Remco Bloemen, Leonid Logvinov, Jacob Evans
747 Add wallet_watchAsset to Provider Dan Finlay, Esteban Mino
758 Subscriptions and filters for completed transactions Jack Peterson
1102 Opt-in account exposure Paul Bouchon, Erik Marks
1186 RPC-Method to get Merkle Proofs - eth_getProof Simon Jentzsch, Christoph Jentzsch
1474 Remote procedure call specification Paul Bouchon, Erik Marks
1571 EthereumStratum/2.0.0 Andrea Lanfranchi (@AndreaLanfranchi), Pawel Bylica (@chfast), Marius Van Der Wijden
1767 GraphQL interface to Ethereum node data Nick Johnson, Raúl Kripalani, Kris Shinn
1803 Rename opcodes for clarity Alex Beregszaszi
1898 Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC methods which accept a default block parameter. Charles Cooper
1901 Add OpenRPC Service Discovery To JSON-RPC Services Shane Jonas, Zachary Belford
2003 EVMC modules for implementations of precompiled contracts Paweł Bylica, Alex Beregszaszi
2015 Wallet Update Chain JSON-RPC Method (`wallet_updateChain`) Pedro Gomes
2255 Wallet Permissions System Dan Finlay, Erik Marks
2256 wallet_getOwnedAssets JSON-RPC Method Loredana Cirstea
2831 Transaction Replacement Message Type Gregory Markou
2844 Add DID related methods to the JSON-RPC Joel Thorstensson


6 Renaming SUICIDE opcode Hudson Jameson
695 Create `eth_chainId` method for JSON-RPC Isaac Ardis, Wei Tang, Fan Torchz, Erik Marks
2159 Common Prometheus Metrics Names for Clients Adrian Sutton
2696 JavaScript `request` method RPC transport Micah Zoltu, Erik Marks
2700 JavaScript Provider Event Emitter Micah Zoltu, Erik Marks