6 Renaming SUICIDE opcode Hudson Jameson
234 Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC filter options. Micah Zoltu
695 Create `eth_chainId` method for JSON-RPC Isaac Ardis, Wei Tang, Fan Torchz, Erik Marks
1193 Ethereum Provider JavaScript API Fabian Vogelsteller, Ryan Ghods, Victor Maia, Marc Garreau, Erik Marks
2159 Common Prometheus Metrics Names for Clients Adrian Sutton
2696 JavaScript `request` method RPC transport Micah Zoltu, Erik Marks
2700 JavaScript Provider Event Emitter Micah Zoltu, Erik Marks

Last Call

NumberReview endsTitleAuthor
3076 2021-11-03 Slashing Protection Interchange Format Michael Sproul, Sacha Saint-Leger, Danny Ryan


712 Ethereum typed structured data hashing and signing Remco Bloemen, Leonid Logvinov, Jacob Evans


2255 Wallet Permissions System Dan Finlay, Erik Marks
3014 eth_symbol JSON-RPC method Peter Grassberger
3326 Wallet Switch Ethereum Chain RPC Method (`wallet_switchEthereumChain`) Erik Marks
3709 Remove Support for Type 1 Transactions Gregory Markou


107 safe "eth_sendTransaction" authorization via html popup Ronan Sandford
747 Add wallet_watchAsset to Provider Dan Finlay, Esteban Mino
758 Subscriptions and filters for completed transactions Jack Peterson
1102 Opt-in account exposure Paul Bouchon, Erik Marks
1186 RPC-Method to get Merkle Proofs - eth_getProof Simon Jentzsch, Christoph Jentzsch
1474 Remote procedure call specification Paul Bouchon, Erik Marks
1571 EthereumStratum/2.0.0 Andrea Lanfranchi, Pawel Bylica, Marius Van Der Wijden
1767 GraphQL interface to Ethereum node data Nick Johnson, Raúl Kripalani, Kris Shinn
1803 Rename opcodes for clarity Alex Beregszaszi
1898 Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC methods which accept a default block parameter. Charles Cooper
1901 Add OpenRPC Service Discovery To JSON-RPC Services Shane Jonas, Zachary Belford
2003 EVMC modules for implementations of precompiled contracts Paweł Bylica, Alex Beregszaszi
2015 Wallet Update Ethereum Chain RPC Method (`wallet_updateEthereumChain`) Pedro Gomes, Erik Marks
2256 wallet_getOwnedAssets JSON-RPC Method Loredana Cirstea
2566 Human Readable Parameters for Contract Function Execution Joseph Stockermans
2831 Transaction Replacement Message Type Gregory Markou
2844 Add DID related methods to the JSON-RPC Joel Thorstensson
3030 BLS Remote Signer HTTP API Herman Junge
3041 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getBlockByHash` Abdelhamid Bakhta
3044 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getBlockByNumber` Abdelhamid Bakhta
3045 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndex` Abdelhamid Bakhta
3046 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex` Abdelhamid Bakhta
3085 Wallet Add Ethereum Chain RPC Method (`wallet_addEthereumChain`) Erik Marks, Pedro Gomes
3091 Block Explorer API Routes Pedro Gomes
3155 EVM trace specification Martin Holst Swende, Marius van der Wijden


2786 Ethereum Provider Connect/Disconnect Events Micah Zoltu, Erik Marks