EIP-2228: Canonicalize the name of network with chain ID 1 Source

AuthorWilliam Entriken

Simple Summary

The Ethereum network with chainid 1 is named Ethereum Mainnet.


The name for the Ethereum network with network ID 1 and chain ID 1 shall be Ethereum Mainnet or just Mainnet. This is a proper noun.

This standard specifies the name for this network and provides reference examples in an effort to standardize the word choice and provide a common language for use to use to refer to this network.


The Ethereum network with chainid 1 is referenced using several conflicting names across EIPs, client implementations, and information published on the internet at large. In several locations, even documents written by the same author use inconsistent names to refer to the Ethereum network with chainid 1. Names in use at the time of this writing include:

  • “main net”
  • “mainnet”
  • “Main net”
  • “Mainnet”


The network name shall be Ethereum Mainnet, or just Mainnet if the context is known to be discussing Ethereum networks. This IS a proper noun. Several examples are given below which differentiate between usage of the name of the network versus a descriptive reference to the network.

Any name or word styling (i.e. capitalization of the letters) of the network which is inconsistent with the test cases cited below shall NOT be used.

Trademark note

Note: Ethereum is a registered trademark (USPTO serial number 86634529, US registration number 5110579) of Ethereum Foundation and “you must not use [this mark] without the prior written permission of the Foundation” (per the Ethereum Foundation website, Terms of Use page).

Your application MAY reference “Ethereum® Mainnet” and include a note “Ethereum is a registered trademark of Ethereum Foundation” elsewhere.

Trademark status, fair use of trademarks, and any written permissions you have with the Ethereum Foundation are outside the scope of this EIP.


Choosing common word use promotes interoperability of implementations and increases customer awareness. Also, it adds a sense of professionalism when customers see the same word and word styling (i.e. capitalization of letters) across different implementations.

Anybody that has travelled to certain countries and seen an “IPhone [sic]” repair store should immediately recognize that this is off-brand and unofficial. Likewise, the astute customer of Ethereum should recognize if they see the name of the network referred to using different names in different software, so let’s avoid this.

Backwards Compatibility

  • MetaMask currently uses the wording “Main Ethereum Network” in the account network chooser. In this context, it is understood that “main” is used as an adjective, not a proper noun form. Such usage is acceptable per this EIP. MetaMask is using “Main” and “Network” with a capitalized first letter for stylistic purposes, not to designate a proper noun.

  • References to Mainnet that are inconsistent with this specification are made in: EIP-2, EIP-779, EIP-150, EIP-155, EIP-161, EIP-170, EIP-190, EIP-225, EIP-1013, EIP-1679, EIP-1716, EIP-2028, EIP-2200, and EIP-2387. For consistency, we recommend the editor will update EIPs to consistently use the name as specified in this EIP.

Test Cases

Examples referencing the name of the network

The contract was deployed to Ethereum Mainnet.

Ethereum runs many applications, this Dapp was deployed to Mainnet.

No specification is made on whether Dapp, dapp, dApp, etc. is preferred.


This example shows a user interface which is in uppercase. To be semantically correct, this could be written in HTML as <span style="text-transform: uppercase">Switch to Mainnet</span>.

switch to mainnet

This example shows a user interface which is in lowercase. To be semantically correct, this could be written in HTML as <span style="text-transform: lowercase">Switch to Mainnet</span>.

Examples referencing the network in a descriptive way

Mainnet has ### times the number of transactions as the test networks.

Examples of other correct word usage

The main network on Ethereum is Mainnet

This shows that “main” is used as a descriptive word, but Mainnet is the specific network which is having chain ID 1.

Examples of poor word choice (avoid this)

Deploy your contract to the Ethereum main network.

This is referring to a “main” network which is context-dependent. If you were reading this text on a page about Ethereum Classic, they would be referring to network_id: 2 / chain_id: 62. Therefore this word usage is less crisp. Do NOT use wording like this.

Connect to mainnet.

These words literally mean nothing. The lowercase, not-proper-noun word “mainnet” is not a plain English word and it should not be in any dictionary. Do NOT use wording like this.

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