EIP 233: Formal process of hard forks Source

AuthorAlex Beregszaszi


To describe the formal process of preparing and activating hard forks.


Today discussions about hard forks happen at various forums and sometimes in ad-hoc ways.


A Meta EIP should be created and merged as a Draft as soon as a new hard fork is planned. This EIP should contain:

  • the desired codename of the hard fork,
  • list of all the EIPs included in the hard fork and
  • activation block number once decided and
  • the Requires header should point to the previous hard fork meta EIP.

The draft shall be updated with summaries of the decisions around the hard fork. It should move in to the Accepted state once the changes are frozen (i.e. all referenced EIPs are in the Accepted state) and in to the Final state once the hard fork has been activated.


A meta EIP for coordinating the hard fork should help in visibility and traceability of the scope of changes as well as provide a simple name and/or number for referring to the proposed fork.

Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.