Test Vectors for EIP-1057 - ProgPow

Many of these vectors are derived from chfast/ethash


h d result
0X811C9DC5 0XDDD0A47B 0XD37EE61A
0XD37EE61A 0XEE304846 0XDEDC7AD4
0XDEDC7AD4 0X00000000 0XA9155BBC


For z=362436069, w=521288629, jsr=123456789, and jcong=380116160 the result of each iterative call to kiss99 is as follows:

iteration result kernel
1 769445856  
2 742012328  
3 2121196314  
4 2805620942  
100000 941074834  


For hash_seed=0xEE304846DDD0A47B and lane_id=0 the values stored in the mix array will be

0x10C02F0D, 0x99891C9E, 0xC59649A0, 0x43F0394D,
0x24D2BAE4, 0xC4E89D4C, 0x398AD25C, 0xF5C0E467,
0x7A3302D6, 0xE6245C6C, 0x760726D3, 0x1F322EE7,
0x85405811, 0xC2F1E765, 0xA0EB7045, 0xDA39E821,
0x79FC6A48, 0x089E401F, 0x8488779F, 0xD79E414F,
0x041A826B, 0x313C0D79, 0x10125A3C, 0x3F4BDFAC,
0xA7352F36, 0x7E70CB54, 0x3B0BB37D, 0x74A3E24A,
0xCC37236A, 0xA442B311, 0x955AB27A, 0x6D175B7E

For the same hash and lane_id=13 the value in the mix array will be

0x4E46D05D, 0x2E77E734, 0x2C479399, 0x70712177,
0xA75D7FF5, 0xBEF18D17, 0x8D42252E, 0x35B4FA0E,
0x462C850A, 0x2DD2B5D5, 0x5F32B5EC, 0xED5D9EED,
0xF9E2685E, 0x1F29DC8E, 0xA78F098B, 0x86A8687B,
0xEA7A10E7, 0xBE732B9D, 0x4EEBCB60, 0x94DD7D97,
0x39A425E9, 0xC0E782BF, 0xBA7B870F, 0x4823FF60,
0xF97A5A1C, 0xB00BCAF4, 0x02D0F8C4, 0x28399214,
0xB4CCB32D, 0x83A09132, 0x27EA8279, 0x3837DDA3


Test case 1:

header 0xCCDDEEFF, 0x8899AABB, 0x44556677, 0x00112233,
0x33221100, 0x77665544, 0xBBAA9988, 0xFFEEDDCC
seed 0x123456789ABCDEF0
digest 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000,
0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000
result 0x464830EE, 0x7BA4D0DD, 0x969E1798, 0xCEC50EB6,
0x7872E2EA, 0x597E3634, 0xE380E73D, 0x2F89D1E6

Test case 2:

header 0xCCDDEEFF, 0x8899AABB, 0x44556677, 0x00112233,
0x33221100, 0x77665544, 0xBBAA9988, 0xFFEEDDCC
seed 0xEE304846DDD0A47B
digest 0x0598F111, 0x66B48AC5, 0x719CFF10, 0x5F0ACF9D,
0x162FFA18, 0xEF8E7905, 0x21470C77, 0x7D767492
result 0x47CD7C5B, 0xD9FDBE2D, 0xAC5C895B, 0xFF67CE8E,
0x6B5AEB0D, 0xE1C6ECD2, 0x003D3862, 0xCE8E72C3


For ProgPow period 600 (block 30,000) the configurations should be

src array:

0x1A, 0x1E, 0x01, 0x13, 0x0B, 0x15, 0x0F, 0x12, 0x03, 0x11, 0x1F, 0x10, 0x1C, 0x04, 0x16, 0x17, 0x02, 0x0D, 0x1D, 0x18, 0x0A, 0x0C, 0x05, 0x14, 0x07, 0x08, 0x0E, 0x1B, 0x06, 0x19, 0x09, 0x00

dst array

0x00, 0x04, 0x1B, 0x1A, 0x0D, 0x0F, 0x11, 0x07, 0x0E, 0x08, 0x09, 0x0C, 0x03, 0x0A, 0x01, 0x0B, 0x06, 0x10, 0x1C, 0x1F, 0x02, 0x13, 0x1E, 0x16, 0x1D, 0x05, 0x18, 0x12, 0x19, 0x17, 0x15, 0x14

Kiss 99 state: z=0x6535921C w=0x29345B16, jsr=0xC0DD7F78, jcong=0x1165D7EB


a b r result path exercised
0x3B0BB37D 0xA0212004 0x9BD26AB0 0x3CA34321 mul/add
0x10C02F0D 0x870FA227 0xD4F45515 0x91C1326A xor/mul
0x24D2BAE4 0x0FFB4C9B 0x7FDBC2F2 0x2EDDD94C rotl/xor
0xDA39E821 0x089C4008 0x8B6CD8C3 0x8A81E396 rotr/xor


a b r result operation exercised
0x8626BB1F 0xBBDFBC4E 0x883E5B49 0x4206776D add
0x3F4BDFAC 0xD79E414F 0x36B71236 0x4C5CB214 mul
0x6D175B7E 0xC4E89D4C 0x944ECABB 0x53E9023F mul_hi32
0x2EDDD94C 0x7E70CB54 0x3F472A85 0x2EDDD94C min
0x61AE0E62 0xe0596b32 0x3F472A85 0x61AE0E62 min again (unsigned)
0x8A81E396 0x3F4BDFAC 0xCEC46E67 0x1E3968A8 rotl32
0x8A81E396 0x7E70CB54 0xDBE71FF7 0x1E3968A8 rotr32
0xA7352F36 0xA0EB7045 0x59E7B9D8 0xA0212004 bitwise and
0xC89805AF 0x64291E2F 0x1BDC84A9 0xECB91FAF bitwise or
0x760726D3 0x79FC6A48 0xC675CAC5 0x0FFB4C9B bitwise xor
0x75551D43 0x3383BA34 0x2863AD31 0x00000003 clz (leading zeros)
0xEA260841 0xE92C44B7 0xF83FFE7D 0x0000001B popcount (number of 1s)


For the first loop iteration of block 30,000 the seed to use for fill_mix would be 0xEE304846DDD0A47B. A two dimensional mix array should be created passing the rows into fill_mix with the column number as the loop argument.

The state of the mix array after the call to progPowLoop for block 30,000, loop 1 are as follows.

mix[0] -

0x40E09E9C, 0x967A7DF0, 0x8626BB1F, 0x12C2392F,
0xA21D8305, 0x44C2702E, 0x94C93945, 0x6B66B158,
0x0CF00FAA, 0x26F5E6B5, 0x36EC0134, 0xC89805AF,
0x58118540, 0x8617DC4D, 0xC759F486, 0x8A81E396,
0x22443D4D, 0x64291E2F, 0x1998AB7F, 0x11C0FBBB,
0xBEA9C139, 0x82D1E47E, 0x7ED3E850, 0x2F81531A,
0xBBDFBC4E, 0xF58AEE4D, 0x3CA34321, 0x357BD48A,
0x2F9C8B5D, 0x2319B193, 0x2856BB38, 0x2E3C33E6

mix[1] -

0x4EB8A8F9, 0xD978BF17, 0x7D5074D4, 0x7A092D5D,
0x8682D1BE, 0xC3D2941C, 0xF1A1A38B, 0x54BB6D34,
0x2F0FB257, 0xB5464B50, 0x40927B67, 0xBB92A7E1,
0x1305A517, 0xE06C6765, 0xA75FD647, 0x9F232D6E,
0x0D9213ED, 0x8884671D, 0x54352B96, 0x6772E58E,
0x1B8120C9, 0x179F3CFB, 0x116FFC82, 0x6D019BCE,
0x1C26A750, 0x89716638, 0x02BEB948, 0x2E0AD5CE,
0x7FA915B2, 0x93024F2F, 0x2F58032E, 0xF02E550C

mix[2] -

0x008FF9BD, 0xC41F9802, 0x2E36FDC8, 0x9FBA2A91,
0x0A921670, 0x231308E6, 0xEF09A56E, 0x9657A64A,
0xF67723FE, 0x963DCD40, 0x354CBFDB, 0x57C07B9A,
0x06AF5B40, 0xBA5DE5A6, 0xDA5AAE7B, 0x9F8A5E4B,
0x7D6AFC9A, 0xE4783F78, 0x89B24946, 0x5EE94228,
0xA209DAAA, 0xDCC27C64, 0x3366FBED, 0x0FEFB673,
0x0FC205E3, 0xB61515B2, 0x70A45E9B, 0xBB225E5D,
0xB8C38EA0, 0xE01DE9B4, 0x866FAA5B, 0x1A125220

mix[3] -

0xE5F9C5CC, 0x6F75CFA2, 0xE0F50924, 0xE7B4F5EF,
0x779B903D, 0x5F068253, 0x05FF68E5, 0x39348653,
0x654B89E4, 0x0559769E, 0xA3D46B93, 0xD084454D,
0xCFC5CF7D, 0x8C11D8E4, 0x795BDB59, 0xD9E03113,
0xBAE8C355, 0x12B63814, 0x4046A018, 0xA269A32E,
0x54A57C4B, 0x2ED1065B, 0xB69A2C76, 0x4AEF0950,
0x6C2D187B, 0x8252FAE7, 0x3E9C0ED2, 0x26E47B15,
0xFEFB48E3, 0xDA088C7F, 0xA82B0379, 0xA49C6D86

mix[4] -

0xB926334C, 0x686A29AF, 0xD9E2EF15, 0x1C8A2D39,
0x307ED4F4, 0x2ABB1DB6, 0xD6F95128, 0xDFCA05F8,
0x904D9472, 0xEC09E200, 0x7143F47F, 0xEE488438,
0xFCA48DA8, 0xA64C7DD4, 0xC4AE9A30, 0xEBA30BC9,
0xB02630BF, 0xD1DF40CC, 0x4DFE8B7B, 0x205C97B3,
0xE40376F8, 0x2491117E, 0x34984321, 0xA01546A7,
0xB254F2F9, 0xC78A7C25, 0xFFC615E2, 0x5839FC88,
0x2A04DF6C, 0xC02A9A8A, 0x39238EAD, 0x7139060C

mix[5] -

0xC416E54B, 0x64AD1C57, 0xBF7CBA55, 0x176F714E,
0xBE733426, 0x995C4132, 0x5F50F779, 0x0F76FDF3,
0x526F7870, 0xE56A1A8A, 0xDCEB677E, 0xD471CC19,
0xA9ED60E4, 0x145E807F, 0x8D652E92, 0x80E8116F,
0xFF1A37EB, 0x1E0C49A1, 0x59D756DA, 0x39A8E761,
0x2F0F646F, 0x43F41278, 0x88CC48DA, 0x8FDFF7A4,
0x9AEACA2E, 0x59E7808C, 0x7F72E46B, 0xCA572333,
0xC6029C88, 0x7736E592, 0xF1338231, 0x262B2C7F

mix[6] -

0x3C554151, 0x70999423, 0x64BB49A8, 0xF9EBE9E9,
0x7D9C28CF, 0x23EE7659, 0xD6504FCF, 0x1C58C2A1,
0x62B9C627, 0x680AE248, 0xF196A153, 0x2A3C345A,
0x860E6EB2, 0x266D2652, 0x3C9F2420, 0xF790A538,
0x710A5523, 0xBEA2603A, 0x1C1CC272, 0xF91D482A,
0x1CA19931, 0x7A80ED37, 0x9572513D, 0x376F1CFE,
0xE57C1264, 0xE47BF931, 0xC7310E05, 0x7866CC9E,
0xC676BBD5, 0x4C167FEB, 0x0FE03D2B, 0x46C6D26C

mix[7] -

0x3395F65A, 0x7142A5B1, 0x97780661, 0xE5EE45B8,
0xCD9FDC42, 0x25BF044C, 0x0350F81B, 0x55D50703,
0xA8CB893E, 0xEE795201, 0xC2D6E598, 0xC2AC2D7A,
0xD2E81716, 0xAD876790, 0x0F3339C7, 0xEEC31E01,
0xA293ABF6, 0x28AE317D, 0x44A7AC05, 0xBEBA1C5E,
0x325ED29E, 0x4344131E, 0x921CD8DD, 0x08AB9E0B,
0xC18E66A6, 0x87E6BCA3, 0x24CE82AE, 0xC910B4F1,
0x9E513EC0, 0xA1B8CB76, 0xF0455815, 0x36BC0DCF

mix[8] -

0x0117C85F, 0xE018F2C6, 0x416C897D, 0x9D288A0F,
0x2AA9EA93, 0x5A6D3CEA, 0xAA99B726, 0x0A42DAB7,
0x72F6EA4A, 0x1DB074E6, 0x2E2A606C, 0xAC5D509B,
0x53F13E85, 0x1D44B521, 0x24234C42, 0xAD5BAD70,
0xAB2DA791, 0x6479546A, 0xD27B3771, 0xBB0A09DD,
0x6D3C8056, 0x96572D4B, 0x52DB6535, 0x3D242BC1,
0xF37D7C7A, 0xA60F7111, 0x59B59667, 0xF28635B0,
0xC2A8F9F5, 0x7CFB9CCB, 0xDF8697AA, 0xA3260D94

mix[9] -

0xA387FC4B, 0xC757D3A0, 0xA584E879, 0xB0A1EC29,
0x82CB2EC3, 0x6BF33664, 0x41FECC42, 0xF60C2AC5,
0xEA250BE5, 0x42BE9F33, 0x9227B0B3, 0x9080A6AB,
0xAF193598, 0xC708BC8A, 0x020CDEDB, 0x7FA2F773,
0x4338E670, 0x069E0242, 0x5AD87326, 0xD7A87124,
0x220D5C46, 0x26D3400D, 0x4899D1EE, 0x90EAD2F6,
0xFA3F1F74, 0x9C5A5D58, 0xAE20567C, 0x424B690D,
0xC9A4057A, 0x9F2A5CD1, 0xAA33CD5F, 0x18F58C00

mix[10] -

0xEAFE893C, 0x1ABB2971, 0x29803BB3, 0x5BC2F71F,
0x619DAFAD, 0xD9CFEFB6, 0xB4FEFAB5, 0x5EB249EC,
0x1A6E2B3A, 0xFB05DD28, 0xDCB33C2E, 0x630BB8AE,
0x43463B39, 0x3BD2F552, 0xFB20C0A2, 0x3383BA34,
0x2E9C1A99, 0x60A949B2, 0x861372AB, 0xC149D929,
0xA77A0A93, 0xE0CEE0D9, 0x791E7E82, 0x66A8D75A,
0x44D1845F, 0xE534DC4A, 0x2C7DD20C, 0xEEDAB329,
0x3209FE2A, 0x0C0406BC, 0xD6D4BD2A, 0x5FDB13CC

mix[11] -

0x2520ABB3, 0xCD942485, 0x9A2929BC, 0x0E10F18C,
0xDFB1815E, 0x8BEF05A3, 0x531A8837, 0x668838E4,
0xBACCE200, 0x003F85C2, 0x56226F05, 0xC2233173,
0x2F39A0D9, 0xF4466D0D, 0x0B9E686C, 0x82C69BDA,
0x0C8A8CD6, 0xA93F3001, 0x36A65EC1, 0x40CCFD7A,
0x84484E23, 0xF0896D45, 0x06D9F760, 0x6559142C,
0x9FFE2E88, 0x9593DC89, 0x89C9E3B9, 0x33285F41,
0x16F636C8, 0xA08169C7, 0xA5E1C956, 0xC22CCF52

mix[12] -

0xDC3B8CAA, 0xC6941197, 0x9969D596, 0x46453D3E,
0x568EAFEA, 0x5B823345, 0xDE606E8E, 0x7523C86D,
0x0EDAF441, 0x00C3D848, 0xAE5BAB99, 0xD705B9EE,
0x54B49E3D, 0xF364A6A4, 0x42C55975, 0xFE41EED5,
0xAD46170F, 0xAABE4868, 0x270379F9, 0xD33D0D7C,
0xF39C476C, 0xA449118E, 0x71BCC1E4, 0x5E300E77,
0x1CACD489, 0x4D82FABD, 0x090F9F80, 0xB2DB9626,
0xE12A973B, 0x1B77460C, 0xD25F89F5, 0x5753612E

mix[13] -

0x042D951C, 0x38833AA7, 0xBEA9894D, 0x7AE7F381,
0x42DB6723, 0x1FB0294F, 0x41452A28, 0xA7A97B9C,
0x228AA7EA, 0x781A7420, 0x4589736D, 0xB3C19349,
0x685EF9E6, 0xB4987DF6, 0xC9C3B188, 0x2DCA6A03,
0xE89A6D3D, 0x50EF7CF5, 0xF6274868, 0x8AA22824,
0x980FFDE3, 0xD4A6CB4E, 0x06FF9E1A, 0xBADB6DF5,
0xEDE3ADF3, 0xC9CF45F6, 0xFDFA194C, 0xAF076AA8,
0x7B876CEA, 0xB0C89575, 0x35A72155, 0x6CFDFC06

mix[14] -

0x0E3E28C8, 0xEC329DEC, 0x06D0A1D1, 0xF95ABEF8,
0x168DCF28, 0xDD7714C1, 0x769C119E, 0xA5530A7D,
0x1EEACB59, 0x30FD21BB, 0x082A3691, 0x1C4C9BCA,
0x420F27DE, 0xA8FDA3AE, 0xE182142E, 0x5102F0FF,
0x15B82277, 0x120C3217, 0x7BE714ED, 0xA251DCD5,
0x6FB4F831, 0xB71D7B32, 0xD5F7A04A, 0x763E1A20,
0x38E68B0C, 0xBB5A4121, 0x9340BF06, 0x948B03F8,
0xE71BF17B, 0x1BB5F06B, 0x26F2A200, 0x5F28C415

mix[15] -

0xC818CD64, 0xBC910343, 0xB18B7776, 0x7182DEBA,
0x9DB319EE, 0x9AE7F32F, 0x3CA9F8B5, 0xC63F48ED,
0x8321533A, 0x059C96B1, 0x8DCDA60A, 0x75B6C1D1,
0xC3406B57, 0x3DFE9E9B, 0xC01E1FD7, 0xC4643218,
0x6873F0BA, 0x8ABD36B9, 0xA74D0CBD, 0x8A637118,
0x6916416C, 0xB6E3A8DD, 0xB68DD4FA, 0xFBD543EE,
0x56F05592, 0x33D6DB82, 0x58D0A7DD, 0x18630C6E,
0xB33749CA, 0x5D2E87F7, 0x0F3C39DB, 0x3CAE9895



Machine-readable data

Block 30000:

  • prog_seed - 600
  • nonce - 123456789abcdef0
  • header - ffeeddccbbaa9988776655443322110000112233445566778899aabbccddeeff
  • mix_hash - 11f19805c58ab46610ff9c719dcf0a5f18fa2f1605798eef770c47219274767d
  • final_hash - 5b7ccd472dbefdd95b895cac8ece67ff0deb5a6bd2ecc6e162383d00c3728ece

Block 0:

  • prog_seed - 0
  • nonce - 0000000000000000
  • header - 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
  • mix_hash - faeb1be51075b03a4ff44b335067951ead07a3b078539ace76fd56fc410557a3
  • final_hash - 63155f732f2bf556967f906155b510c917e48e99685ead76ea83f4eca03ab12b

Block 49:

  • prog_seed - 0
  • nonce - 0000000006ff2c47
  • header - 63155f732f2bf556967f906155b510c917e48e99685ead76ea83f4eca03ab12b
  • mix_hash - c789c1180f890ec555ff42042913465481e8e6bc512cb981e1c1108dc3f2227d
  • final_hash - 9e7248f20914913a73d80a70174c331b1d34f260535ac3631d770e656b5dd922

Block 50:

  • prog_seed - 1
  • nonce - 00000000076e482e
  • header - 9e7248f20914913a73d80a70174c331b1d34f260535ac3631d770e656b5dd922
  • mix_hash - c7340542c2a06b3a7dc7222635f7cd402abf8b528ae971ddac6bbe2b0c7cb518
  • final_hash - de37e1824c86d35d154cf65a88de6d9286aec4f7f10c3fc9f0fa1bcc2687188d

Block 99:

  • prog_seed - 1
  • nonce - 000000003917afab
  • header - de37e1824c86d35d154cf65a88de6d9286aec4f7f10c3fc9f0fa1bcc2687188d
  • mix_hash - f5e60b2c5bfddd136167a30cbc3c8dbdbd15a512257dee7964e0bc6daa9f8ba7
  • final_hash - ac7b55e801511b77e11d52e9599206101550144525b5679f2dab19386f23dcce

Block 29,950:

  • prog_seed - 599
  • nonce - 005d409dbc23a62a
  • header - ac7b55e801511b77e11d52e9599206101550144525b5679f2dab19386f23dcce
  • mix_hash - 07393d15805eb08ee6fc6cb3ad4ad1010533bd0ff92d6006850246829f18fd6e
  • final_hash - e43d7e0bdc8a4a3f6e291a5ed790b9fa1a0948a2b9e33c844888690847de19f5

Block 29,999:

  • prog_seed - 599
  • nonce - 005db5fa4c2a3d03
  • header - e43d7e0bdc8a4a3f6e291a5ed790b9fa1a0948a2b9e33c844888690847de19f5
  • mix_hash - 7551bddf977491da2f6cfc1679299544b23483e8f8ee0931c4c16a796558a0b8
  • final_hash - d34519f72c97cae8892c277776259db3320820cb5279a299d0ef1e155e5c6454

Block 30,000:

  • prog_seed - 600
  • nonce - 005db8607994ff30
  • header - d34519f72c97cae8892c277776259db3320820cb5279a299d0ef1e155e5c6454
  • mix_hash - f1c2c7c32266af9635462e6ce1c98ebe4e7e3ecab7a38aaabfbf2e731e0fbff4
  • final_hash - 8b6ce5da0b06d18db7bd8492d9e5717f8b53e7e098d9fef7886d58a6e913ef64

Block 30,049:

  • prog_seed - 600
  • nonce - 005e2e215a8ca2e7
  • header - 8b6ce5da0b06d18db7bd8492d9e5717f8b53e7e098d9fef7886d58a6e913ef64
  • mix_hash - 57fe6a9fbf920b4e91deeb66cb0efa971e08229d1a160330e08da54af0689add
  • final_hash - c2c46173481b9ced61123d2e293b42ede5a1b323210eb2a684df0874ffe09047

Block 30,050:

  • prog_seed - 601
  • nonce - 005e30899481055e
  • header - c2c46173481b9ced61123d2e293b42ede5a1b323210eb2a684df0874ffe09047
  • mix_hash - ba30c61cc5a2c74a5ecaf505965140a08f24a296d687e78720f0b48baf712f2d
  • final_hash - ea42197eb2ba79c63cb5e655b8b1f612c5f08aae1a49ff236795a3516d87bc71

Block 30,099:

  • prog_seed - 601
  • nonce - 005ea6aef136f88b
  • header - ea42197eb2ba79c63cb5e655b8b1f612c5f08aae1a49ff236795a3516d87bc71
  • mix_hash - cfd5e46048cd133d40f261fe8704e51d3f497fc14203ac6a9ef6a0841780b1cd
  • final_hash - 49e15ba4bf501ce8fe8876101c808e24c69a859be15de554bf85dbc095491bd6

Block 59,950:

  • prog_seed - 1,199
  • nonce - 02ebe0503bd7b1da
  • header - 49e15ba4bf501ce8fe8876101c808e24c69a859be15de554bf85dbc095491bd6
  • mix_hash - 21511fbaa31fb9f5fc4998a754e97b3083a866f4de86fa7500a633346f56d773
  • final_hash - f5c50ba5c0d6210ddb16250ec3efda178de857b2b1703d8d5403bd0f848e19cf

Block 59,999:

  • prog_seed - 1,199
  • nonce - 02edb6275bd221e3
  • header - f5c50ba5c0d6210ddb16250ec3efda178de857b2b1703d8d5403bd0f848e19cf
  • mix_hash - 653eda37d337e39d311d22be9bbd3458d3abee4e643bee4a7280a6d08106ef98
  • final_hash - 341562d10d4afb706ec2c8d5537cb0c810de02b4ebb0a0eea5ae335af6fb2e88

Block 10,000,000:

  • prog_seed - 200,000
  • nonce - 005e30899481055e
  • header - efda178de857b2b1703d8d5403bd0f848e19cff5c50ba5c0d6210ddb16250ec3
  • mix_hash - b2403f56c426177856eaf0eedd707c86ae78a432b9169c3689a67058fcf2a848
  • final_hash - 206aee640c0fd21473d5cc3654d63c80442d9e2dfa676d2801d3ec1fbab38a6d

Block 100,000,000:

  • prog_seed - 2,000,000
  • nonce - 02abe0589481055e
  • header - 49e15ba4bf501ce8fe88765403bd0f848e19cff5c50ba5c0d6210ddb16250ec3
  • mix_hash - ac452084d6f4e6eacf4282ad58dbd4ce7ef2653fb5e6b5c877f56928c907432a
  • final_hash - b879f84923e71b812ef5a42ece0b5b9366c31cab218f40afe65f8a2cae448a6f


Machine-readable data