1 EIP Purpose and Guidelines Martin Becze <[email protected]>, Hudson Jameson <[email protected]>, et al.
5069 EIP Editor Handbook Pooja Ranjan (@poojaranjan), Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)


2 Homestead Hard-fork Changes Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
4 EIP Classification Joseph Chow (@ethers)
5 Gas Usage for `RETURN` and `CALL*` Christian Reitwiessner <[email protected]>
6 Renaming SUICIDE opcode Hudson Jameson <[email protected]>
7 DELEGATECALL Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
8 devp2p Forward Compatibility Requirements for Homestead Felix Lange <[email protected]>
20 Token Standard Fabian Vogelsteller <[email protected]>, Vitalik Buterin <[email protected]>
55 Mixed-case checksum address encoding Vitalik Buterin <[email protected]>, Alex Van de Sande <[email protected]>
100 Change difficulty adjustment to target mean block time including uncles Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
137 Ethereum Domain Name Service - Specification Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
140 REVERT instruction Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Nikolai Mushegian <[email protected]>
141 Designated invalid EVM instruction Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
145 Bitwise shifting instructions in EVM Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast)
150 Gas cost changes for IO-heavy operations Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
152 Add BLAKE2 compression function `F` precompile Tjaden Hess <[email protected]>, Matt Luongo (@mhluongo), Piotr Dyraga (@pdyraga), James Hancock (@MadeOfTin)
155 Simple replay attack protection Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
158 State clearing Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
160 EXP cost increase Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
161 State trie clearing (invariant-preserving alternative) Gavin Wood (@gavofyork)
162 Initial ENS Hash Registrar Maurelian, Nick Johnson <[email protected]>, Alex Van de Sande <[email protected]>
165 Standard Interface Detection Christian Reitwießner <[email protected]>, Nick Johnson <[email protected]>, Fabian Vogelsteller <[email protected]>, Jordi Baylina <[email protected]>, Konrad Feldmeier <[email protected]>, William Entriken <[email protected]>
170 Contract code size limit Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
173 Contract Ownership Standard Nick Mudge (@mudgen), Dan Finlay <[email protected]>
181 ENS support for reverse resolution of Ethereum addresses Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
190 Ethereum Smart Contract Packaging Standard Piper Merriam (@pipermerriam), Tim Coulter (@tcoulter), Denis Erfurt (@mhhf), RJ Catalano (@VoR0220), Iuri Matias (@iurimatias)
191 Signed Data Standard Martin Holst Swende (@holiman), Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
196 Precompiled contracts for addition and scalar multiplication on the elliptic curve alt_bn128 Christian Reitwiessner <[email protected]>
197 Precompiled contracts for optimal ate pairing check on the elliptic curve alt_bn128 Vitalik Buterin <[email protected]>, Christian Reitwiessner <[email protected]>
198 Big integer modular exponentiation Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
211 New opcodes: RETURNDATASIZE and RETURNDATACOPY Christian Reitwiessner <[email protected]>
214 New opcode STATICCALL Vitalik Buterin <[email protected]>, Christian Reitwiessner <[email protected]>
225 Clique proof-of-authority consensus protocol Péter Szilágyi <[email protected]>
234 Add `blockHash` to JSON-RPC filter options. Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
600 Ethereum purpose allocation for Deterministic Wallets Nick Johnson (@arachnid), Micah Zoltu (@micahzoltu)
601 Ethereum hierarchy for deterministic wallets Nick Johnson (@arachnid), Micah Zoltu (@micahzoltu)
606 Hardfork Meta: Homestead Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
607 Hardfork Meta: Spurious Dragon Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
608 Hardfork Meta: Tangerine Whistle Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
609 Hardfork Meta: Byzantium Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
627 Whisper Specification Vlad Gluhovsky <[email protected]>
649 Metropolis Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Reduction Afri Schoedon (@5chdn), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
658 Embedding transaction status code in receipts Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
681 URL Format for Transaction Requests Daniel A. Nagy (@nagydani)
695 Create `eth_chainId` method for JSON-RPC Isaac Ardis <[email protected]>, Wei Tang (@sorpaas), Fan Torchz (@tcz001), Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
706 DEVp2p snappy compression Péter Szilágyi <[email protected]>
712 Typed structured data hashing and signing Remco Bloemen (@Recmo), Leonid Logvinov (@LogvinovLeon), Jacob Evans (@dekz)
721 Non-Fungible Token Standard William Entriken (@fulldecent), Dieter Shirley <[email protected]>, Jacob Evans <[email protected]>, Nastassia Sachs <[email protected]>
777 Token Standard Jacques Dafflon <[email protected]>, Jordi Baylina <[email protected]>, Thomas Shababi <[email protected]>
778 Ethereum Node Records (ENR) Felix Lange <[email protected]>
779 Hardfork Meta: DAO Fork Casey Detrio (@cdetrio)
820 Pseudo-introspection Registry Contract Jordi Baylina <[email protected]>, Jacques Dafflon <[email protected]>
868 Node Discovery v4 ENR Extension Felix Lange <[email protected]>
1013 Hardfork Meta: Constantinople Nick Savers (@nicksavers)
1014 Skinny CREATE2 Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
1052 EXTCODEHASH opcode Nick Johnson <[email protected]>, Paweł Bylica <[email protected]>
1108 Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costs Antonio Salazar Cardozo (@shadowfiend), Zachary Williamson (@zac-williamson)
1155 Multi Token Standard Witek Radomski <[email protected]>, Andrew Cooke <[email protected]>, Philippe Castonguay <[email protected]>, James Therien <[email protected]>, Eric Binet <[email protected]>, Ronan Sandford <[email protected]>
1167 Minimal Proxy Contract Peter Murray (@yarrumretep), Nate Welch (@flygoing), Joe Messerman (@JAMesserman)
1193 Ethereum Provider JavaScript API Fabian Vogelsteller (@frozeman), Ryan Ghods (@ryanio), Victor Maia (@MaiaVictor), Marc Garreau (@marcgarreau), Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
1234 Constantinople Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Adjustment Afri Schoedon (@5chdn)
1271 Standard Signature Validation Method for Contracts Francisco Giordano (@frangio), Matt Condon (@shrugs), Philippe Castonguay (@PhABC), Amir Bandeali (@abandeali1), Jorge Izquierdo (@izqui), Bertrand Masius (@catageek)
1283 Net gas metering for SSTORE without dirty maps Wei Tang (@sorpaas)
1344 ChainID opcode Richard Meissner (@rmeissner), Bryant Eisenbach (@fubuloubu)
1363 Payable Token Vittorio Minacori (@vittominacori)
1559 Fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Eric Conner (@econoar), Rick Dudley (@AFDudley), Matthew Slipper (@mslipper), Ian Norden (@i-norden), Abdelhamid Bakhta (@abdelhamidbakhta)
1679 Hardfork Meta: Istanbul Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Afri Schoedon (@5chdn)
1716 Hardfork Meta: Petersburg Afri Schoedon (@5chdn), Marius van der Wijden (@MariusVanDerWijden)
1820 Pseudo-introspection Registry Contract Jordi Baylina <[email protected]>, Jacques Dafflon <[email protected]>
1884 Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodes Martin Holst Swende (@holiman)
1967 Proxy Storage Slots Santiago Palladino (@spalladino), Francisco Giordano (@frangio), Hadrien Croubois (@Amxx)
2028 Transaction data gas cost reduction Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov), Eli Ben Sasson <[email protected]>, Tom Brand <[email protected]>, Louis Guthmann <[email protected]>, Avihu Levy <[email protected]>
2098 Compact Signature Representation Richard Moore (@ricmoo), Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
2124 Fork identifier for chain compatibility checks Péter Szilágyi <[email protected]>, Felix Lange <[email protected]>
2159 Common Prometheus Metrics Names for Clients Adrian Sutton (@ajsutton)
2200 Structured Definitions for Net Gas Metering Wei Tang (@sorpaas)
2228 Canonicalize the name of network ID 1 and chain ID 1 William Entriken (@fulldecent)
2309 ERC-721 Consecutive Transfer Extension Sean Papanikolas (@pizzarob)
2364 eth/64: forkid-extended protocol handshake Péter Szilágyi <[email protected]>, Péter Szilágyi (@karalabe), Tim Beiko (@timbeiko)
2384 Muir Glacier Difficulty Bomb Delay Eric Conner (@econoar)
2387 Hardfork Meta: Muir Glacier James Hancock (@madeoftin)
2464 eth/65: transaction announcements and retrievals Péter Szilágyi <[email protected]>, Péter Szilágyi (@karalabe), Gary Rong <[email protected]>, Tim Beiko (@timbeiko)
2481 eth/66 request identifier Christoph Burgdorf (@cburgdorf)
2535 Diamonds, Multi-Facet Proxy Nick Mudge (@mudgen)
2565 ModExp Gas Cost Kelly Olson (@ineffectualproperty), Sean Gulley (@sean-sn), Simon Peffers (@simonatsn), Justin Drake (@justindrake), Dankrad Feist (@dankrad)
2612 Permit Extension for EIP-20 Signed Approvals Martin Lundfall (@Mrchico)
2678 Revised Ethereum Smart Contract Packaging Standard (EthPM v3) g. nicholas d’andrea (@gnidan), Piper Merriam (@pipermerriam), Nick Gheorghita (@njgheorghita), Christian Reitwiessner (@chriseth), Ben Hauser (@iamdefinitelyahuman), Bryant Eisenbach (@fubuloubu)
2681 Limit account nonce to 2^64-1 Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2696 JavaScript `request` method RPC transport Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu), Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
2700 JavaScript Provider Event Emitter Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu), Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
2718 Typed Transaction Envelope Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
2771 Secure Protocol for Native Meta Transactions Ronan Sandford (@wighawag), Liraz Siri (@lirazsiri), Dror Tirosh (@drortirosh), Yoav Weiss (@yoavw), Alex Forshtat (@forshtat), Hadrien Croubois (@Amxx), Sachin Tomar (@tomarsachin2271), Patrick McCorry (@stonecoldpat), Nicolas Venturo (@nventuro), Fabian Vogelsteller (@frozeman), Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
2929 Gas cost increases for state access opcodes Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Martin Swende (@holiman)
2930 Optional access lists Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Martin Swende (@holiman)
2976 Typed Transactions over Gossip Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
2981 NFT Royalty Standard Zach Burks (@vexycats), James Morgan (@jamesmorgan), Blaine Malone (@blmalone), James Seibel (@seibelj)
2982 Serenity Phase 0 Danny Ryan (@djrtwo), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
3156 Flash Loans Alberto Cuesta Cañada (@albertocuestacanada), Fiona Kobayashi (@fifikobayashi), fubuloubu (@fubuloubu), Austin Williams (@onewayfunction)
3198 BASEFEE opcode Abdelhamid Bakhta (@abdelhamidbakhta), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
3448 MetaProxy Standard pinkiebell (@pinkiebell)
3475 Abstract Storage Bonds Yu Liu (@yuliu-debond), Varun Deshpande (@dr-chain), Cedric Ngakam (@drikssy), Dhruv Malik (@dhruvmalik007), Samuel Gwlanold Edoumou (@Edoumou), Toufic Batrice (@toufic0710)
3525 Semi-Fungible Token Will Wang (@will-edge), Mike Meng <[email protected]>, Ethan Y. Tsai (@YeeTsai), Ryan Chow <[email protected]>, Zhongxin Wu (@Nerverwind), AlvisDu (@AlvisDu)
3529 Reduction in refunds Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Martin Swende (@holiman)
3541 Reject new contract code starting with the 0xEF byte Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0), Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov), Christian Reitwiessner (@chriseth), Martin Swende (@holiman)
3554 Difficulty Bomb Delay to December 2021 James Hancock (@madeoftin)
3607 Reject transactions from senders with deployed code Dankrad Feist (@dankrad), Dmitry Khovratovich (@khovratovich), Marius van der Wijden (@MariusVanDerWijden)
3668 CCIP Read: Secure offchain data retrieval Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
3675 Upgrade consensus to Proof-of-Stake Mikhail Kalinin (@mkalinin), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
4345 Difficulty Bomb Delay to June 2022 Tim Beiko (@timbeiko), James Hancock (@MadeOfTin), Thomas Jay Rush (@tjayrush)
4399 Supplant DIFFICULTY opcode with PREVRANDAO Mikhail Kalinin (@mkalinin), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo)
4400 EIP-721 Consumable Extension Daniel Ivanov (@Daniel-K-Ivanov), George Spasov (@Perseverance)
4519 Non-Fungible Tokens Tied to Physical Assets Javier Arcenegui (@Hardblock-IMSE-CNM), Rosario Arjona (@RosarioArjona), Roberto Román <[email protected]>, Iluminada Baturone (@lumi2018)
4626 Tokenized Vaults Joey Santoro (@joeysantoro), t11s (@transmissions11), Jet Jadeja (@JetJadeja), Alberto Cuesta Cañada (@alcueca), Señor Doggo (@fubuloubu)
4834 Hierarchical Domains Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
4906 EIP-721 Metadata Update Extension Anders (@0xanders), Lance (@LanceSnow), Shrug <[email protected]>, Nathan <[email protected]>
4907 Rental NFT, an Extension of EIP-721 Anders (@0xanders), Lance (@LanceSnow), Shrug <[email protected]>
4955 Vendor Metadata Extension for NFTs Ignacio Mazzara (@nachomazzara)
5023 Shareable Non-Fungible Token Jarno Marttila (@yaruno), Martin Moravek (@mmartinmo)
5133 Delaying Difficulty Bomb to mid-September 2022 Tomasz Kajetan Stanczak (@tkstanczak), Eric Marti Haynes (@ericmartihaynes), Josh Klopfenstein (@joshklop), Abhimanyu Nag (@AbhiMan1601)
5192 Minimal Soulbound NFTs Tim Daubenschütz (@TimDaub), Anders (@0xanders)
5313 Light Contract Ownership William Entriken (@fulldecent)
5375 NFT Author Information and Consent Samuele Marro (@samuelemarro), Luca Donno (@lucadonnoh)
5484 Consensual Soulbound Tokens Buzz Cai (@buzzcai)
5489 NFT Hyperlink Extension IronMan_CH (@coderfengyun)
5528 Refundable Fungible Token StartfundInc (@StartfundInc)
5646 Token State Fingerprint Naim Ashhab (@ashhanai)
5679 Token Minting and Burning Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5732 Commit Interface Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv), Matt Stam (@mattstam)
5750 General Extensibility for Method Behaviors Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5757 Process for Approving External Resources Sam Wilson (@SamWilsn)
6049 Deprecate SELFDESTRUCT William Entriken (@fulldecent)
6150 Hierarchical NFTs Keegan Lee (@keeganlee), msfew <[email protected]>, Kartin <[email protected]>, qizhou (@qizhou)

Last Call

NumberReview endsTitleAuthor
1153 2022-12-08 Transient storage opcodes Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov), Moody Salem (@moodysalem)
1191 2019-11-18 Add chain id to mixed-case checksum address encoding Juliano Rizzo (@juli)
2135 2023-02-01 Consumable Interface (Tickets, etc) Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
2266 2020-12-31 Atomic Swap-based American Call Option Contract Standard Runchao Han <[email protected]>, Haoyu Lin <[email protected]>, Jiangshan Yu <[email protected]>
3076 2021-11-03 Slashing Protection Interchange Format Michael Sproul (@michaelsproul), Sacha Saint-Leger (@sachayves), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo)
5006 2022-08-01 Rental NFT, NFT User Extension Lance (@LanceSnow), Anders (@0xanders), Shrug <[email protected]>
5007 2022-09-25 Time NFT, EIP-721 Time Extension Anders (@0xanders), Lance (@LanceSnow), Shrug <[email protected]>
5216 2022-11-12 EIP-1155 Approval By Amount Extension Iván Mañús (@ivanmmurciaua), Juan Carlos Cantó (@EscuelaCryptoES)
5267 2023-01-23 Retrieval of EIP-712 domain Francisco Giordano (@frangio)
5496 2022-11-29 Multi-privilege Management NFT Extension Jeremy Z (@wnft)
5606 2023-01-02 Multiverse NFTs Gaurang Torvekar (@gaurangtorvekar), Khemraj Adhawade (@akhemraj), Nikhil Asrani (@nikhilasrani)
5749 2023-02-20 The 'window.evmproviders' object Kosala Hemachandra (@kvhnuke), Brett Kolodny (@brettkolodny)


663 Unlimited SWAP and DUP instructions Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
831 URI Format for Ethereum ligi (@ligi)
1328 WalletConnect URI Format ligi (@ligi), Pedro Gomes (@pedrouid)
1898 Add `blockHash` to defaultBlock methods Charles Cooper (@charles-cooper)
2294 Explicit bound to Chain ID size Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
3540 EOF - EVM Object Format v1 Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0), Matt Garnett (@lightclient)
3561 Trust Minimized Upgradeability Proxy Sam Porter (@SamPorter1984)
3651 Warm COINBASE William Morriss (@wjmelements)
3670 EOF - Code Validation Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0), Paweł Bylica (@chfast)
3855 PUSH0 instruction Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Hugo De la cruz (@hugo-dc), Paweł Bylica (@chfast)
3860 Limit and meter initcode Martin Holst Swende (@holiman), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0)
4200 EOF - Static relative jumps Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0), Paweł Bylica (@chfast)
4527 QR Code transmission protocol for wallets Aaron Chen (@aaronisme), Sora Lee (@soralit), ligi (@ligi), Dan Miller (@danjm), AndreasGassmann (@andreasgassmann), xardass (@xardass), Lixin Liu (@BitcoinLixin)
4736 Consensus Layer Withdrawal Protection Benjamin Chodroff (@benjaminchodroff), Jim McDonald (@mcdee)
4750 EOF - Functions Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast)
4758 Deactivate SELFDESTRUCT Guillaume Ballet (@gballet), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Dankrad Feist (@dankrad)
4804 Web3 URL to EVM Call Message Translation Qi Zhou (@qizhou), Chao Pi (@pichaoqkc), Sam Wilson (@SamWilsn)
4844 Shard Blob Transactions Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Dankrad Feist (@dankrad), Diederik Loerakker (@protolambda), George Kadianakis (@asn-d6), Matt Garnett (@lightclient), Mofi Taiwo (@Inphi), Ansgar Dietrichs (@adietrichs)
4895 Beacon chain push withdrawals as operations Alex Stokes (@ralexstokes), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo)
4910 Royalty Bearing NFTs Andreas Freund (@Therecanbeonlyone1969)
4938 eth/67 - Removal of GetNodeData Marius van der Wijden (@MariusVanDerWijden), Felix Lange <[email protected]>, Gary Rong <[email protected]>
4973 Account-bound Tokens Tim Daubenschütz (@TimDaub)
4974 Ratings Daniel Tedesco (@dtedesco1)
4987 Held token interface Devin Conley (@devinaconley)
5005 Zodiac Modular Accounts Auryn Macmillan (@auryn-macmillan), Kei Kreutler (@keikreutler)
5008 EIP-721 Nonce Extension Anders (@0xanders), Lance (@LanceSnow), Shrug <[email protected]>
5018 Filesystem-like Interface for Contracts Qi Zhou (@qizhou)
5114 Soulbound Badge Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
5164 Cross-Chain Execution Brendan Asselstine (@asselstine), Pierrick Turelier (@PierrickGT), Chris Whinfrey (@cwhinfrey)
5202 Blueprint contract format Charles Cooper (@charles-cooper), Edward Amor (@skellet0r)
5219 Contract Resource Requests Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
5269 EIP/ERC Detection and Discovery Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5289 Ethereum Notary Interface Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
5298 ENS Trust to hold NFTs under ENS name Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5380 EIP-721 Entitlement Extension Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1), Tim Daubenschütz (@TimDaub)
5450 EOF - Stack Validation Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Danno Ferrin (@shemnon)
5507 Refundable Tokens elie222 (@elie222), Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
5516 Soulbound Multi-owner Tokens Lucas Martín Grasso Ramos (@LucasGrasso), Matias Arazi (@MatiArazi)
5553 Representing IP and its Royalty Structure Roy Osherove (@royosherove)
5568 Revert Reason for Required Actions Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
5570 Digital Receipt Non-Fungible Tokens Sean Darcy (@darcys22)
5604 NFT Lien Allen Zhou <[email protected]>, Alex Qin <[email protected]>, Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5615 EIP-1155 Supply Extension Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
5643 Subscription NFTs cygaar (@cygaar)
5773 Context-Dependent Multi-Asset Tokens Bruno Škvorc (@Swader), Cicada (@CicadaNCR), Steven Pineda (@steven2308), Stevan Bogosavljevic (@stevyhacker), Jan Turk (@ThunderDeliverer)
5920 PAY opcode Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1), Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5982 Role-based Access Control Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
6059 Parent-Governed Nestable Non-Fungible Tokens Bruno Škvorc (@Swader), Cicada (@CicadaNCR), Steven Pineda (@steven2308), Stevan Bogosavljevic (@stevyhacker), Jan Turk (@ThunderDeliverer)
6120 Universal Token Router Zergity (@Zergity), Ngo Quang Anh (@anhnq82), BerlinP (@BerlinP)
6147 Guard of NFT/SBT, an Extension of EIP-721 5660-eth (@5660-eth), Wizard Wang
6188 Nonce Cap Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
6220 Composable NFTs utilizing Equippable Parts Bruno Škvorc (@Swader), Cicada (@CicadaNCR), Steven Pineda (@steven2308), Stevan Bogosavljevic (@stevyhacker), Jan Turk (@ThunderDeliverer)
6372 Contract clock Hadrien Croubois (@Amxx), Francisco Giordano (@frangio)


725 General data key/value store and execution Fabian Vogelsteller (@frozeman), Tyler Yasaka (@tyleryasaka)
1202 Voting Interface Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv), Evan (@evbots), Yin Xu (@yingogobot)
1418 Blockchain Storage Rent Payment William Entriken (@fulldecent)
1459 Node Discovery via DNS Felix Lange (@fjl), Péter Szilágyi (@karalabe)
2330 EXTSLOAD opcode Dominic Letz (@dominicletz), Santiago Palladino (@spalladino)
3102 Binary trie structure Guillaume Ballet (@gballet), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
3770 Chain-specific addresses Lukas Schor (@lukasschor), Richard Meissner (@rmeissner), Pedro Gomes (@pedrouid), ligi <[email protected]>
4337 Account Abstraction Using Alt Mempool Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Yoav Weiss (@yoavw), Kristof Gazso (@kristofgazso), Namra Patel (@namrapatel), Dror Tirosh (@drortirosh), Shahaf Nacson (@shahafn), Tjaden Hess (@tjade273)
4393 Micropayments for NFTs and Multi Tokens Jules Lai (@julesl23)
4494 Permit for ERC-721 NFTs Simon Fremaux (@dievardump), William Schwab (@wschwab)
4675 Multi-Fractional Non-Fungible Tokens David Kim (@powerstream3604)
4824 Common Interfaces for DAOs Joshua Tan (@thelastjosh), Isaac Patka (@ipatka), Ido Gershtein <[email protected]>, Eyal Eithcowich <[email protected]>, Michael Zargham (@mzargham), Sam Furter (@nivida)
4881 Deposit Contract Snapshot Interface Mark Mackey (@ethDreamer)
4883 Composable SVG NFT Andrew B Coathup (@abcoathup), Alex (@AlexPartyPanda), Damian Martinelli (@damianmarti), blockdev (@0xbok), Austin Griffith (@austintgriffith)
4885 Subscription NFTs and Multi Tokens Jules Lai (@julesl23)
4886 Proxy Ownership Register Omnus Sunmo (@omnus)
4972 Name-Owned Account Shu Dong (@dongshu2013), Qi Zhou (@qizhou)
5000 MULDIV instruction Harikrishnan Mulackal (@hrkrshnn), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast)
5003 Insert Code into EOAs with AUTHUSURP Dan Finlay (@danfinlay), Sam Wilson (@SamWilsn)
5027 Remove the limit on contract code size Qi Zhou (@qizhou)
5050 Interactive NFTs with Modular Environments Alexi (@alexi)
5058 Lockable Non-Fungible Tokens Tyler (@radiocaca), Alex (@gojazdev), John (@sfumato00)
5081 Expirable Trainsaction Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv), Nick Johnson (@Arachnid), Konrad Feldmeier <[email protected]>
5115 SY Token Vu Nguyen (@mrenoon), Long Vuong (@UncleGrandpa925), Anton Buenavista (@ayobuenavista)
5139 Remote Procedure Call Provider Lists Sam Wilson (@SamWilsn)
5169 Client Script URI for Token Contracts James (@JamesSmartCell), Weiwu (@weiwu-zhang)
5173 NFT Future Rewards (nFR) Yale ReiSoleil (@longnshort), dRadiant (@dRadiant), D Wang, PhD <[email protected]>
5187 Extend EIP-1155 with rentable usage rights DerivStudio (@DerivStudio)
5218 NFT Rights Management James Grimmelmann (@grimmelm), Yan Ji (@iseriohn), Tyler Kell (@relyt29)
5247 Smart Contract Executable Proposal Interface Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5252 Account-bound Finance Hyungsuk Kang (@hskang9), Viktor Pernjek (@smuxx)
5283 Semaphore for Reentrancy Protection Sergio D. Lerner (@SergioDemianLerner)
5334 EIP-721 User And Expires And Level Extension Yan (@yan253319066)
5345 Silent Signing Extension for JSON-RPC Stanley Wu (@fruit37), Mücahit Büyükyılmaz (@anndro), Muhammed Emin Aydın (@muhammedea)
5409 EIP-1155 Non-Fungible Token extension Ronan Sandford (@wighawag)
5437 Security Contact Interface Zainan Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5453 Endorsement - Permit for Any Functions Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5478 CREATE2COPY Opcode Qi Zhou (@qizhou)
5485 Legitimacy, Jurisdiction and Sovereignty Zainan Victor Zhou (@xinbenlv)
5501 Rental & Delegation NFT - EIP-721 Extension Jan Smrža (@smrza), David Rábel (@rabeles11), Tomáš Janča <[email protected]>, Jan Bureš (@JohnyX89), DOBBYLABS (@DOBBYLABS)
5505 EIP-1155 asset backed NFT extension liszechung (@liszechung)
5521 Referable NFT Saber Yu (@OniReimu), Qin Wang <[email protected]>, Shange Fu <[email protected]>, Shiping Chen <[email protected]>, Sherry Xu <[email protected]>, Jiangshan Yu <[email protected]>
5539 Revocation List Registry Philipp Bolte (@strumswell), Lauritz Leifermann (@lleifermann), Dennis von der Bey (@DennisVonDerBey)
5554 NFT Legal Use, Repurposing, and Remixing Isaac Patka (@ipatka), COALA Licensing Taskforce <[email protected]>
5559 Cross Chain Write Deferral Protocol Paul Gauvreau (@0xpaulio), Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
5560 Redeemable NFTs Olivier Fernandez (@fernandezOli), Frédéric Le Coidic (@FredLC29), Julien Béranger (@julienbrg)
5564 Non-Interactive Stealth Address Generation Toni Wahrstätter (@nerolation), Matt Solomon (@mds1), Ben DiFrancesco (@apbendi), Vitalik Buterin <[email protected]>
5573 Sign-In with Ethereum Capabilities, ReCaps Oliver Terbu (@awoie), Jacob Ward (@cobward), Charles Lehner (@clehner), Sam Gbafa (@skgbafa), Wayne Chang (@wyc)
5585 EIP-721 NFT Authorization Veega Labs (@VeegaLabsOfficial), Sean NG (@ngveega), Tiger (@tiger0x), Fred (@apan), Fov Cao (@fovcao)
5593 Restrict Ethereum Provider API Injection Yan Zhu (@diracdeltas), Brian R. Bondy (@bbondy), Andrea Brancaleoni (@thypon), Kyle Den Hartog (@kdenhartog)
5625 NFT Metadata JSON Schema dStorage Extension Gavin Fu (@gavfu)
5630 New approach for encryption / decryption Firn Protocol (@firnprotocol), Fried L. Trout, Weiji Guo (@weijiguo)
5633 Composable Soulbound NFT, EIP-1155 Extension HonorLabs (@honorworldio)
5635 NFT Licensing Agreements Timi (@0xTimi), 0xTriple7 (@ysqi)
5639 Delegation Registry foobar (@0xfoobar), Wilkins Chung (@wwhchung), ryley-o (@ryley-o), Jake Rockland (@jakerockland), andy8052 (@andy8052)
5656 Memory copying instruction Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paul Dworzanski (@poemm), Jared Wasinger (@jwasinger), Casey Detrio (@cdetrio), Pawel Bylica (@chfast), Charles Cooper (@charles-cooper)
5700 Bindable Token Interface Leeren (@leeren)
5719 Signature replacement interface Agustin Aguilar (@Agusx1211)
5725 Transferable Vesting NFT Apeguru (@Apegurus), Marco De Vries <[email protected]>, Mario <[email protected]>, DeFiFoFum (@DeFiFoFum)
5727 Semi-Fungible Soulbound Token Austin Zhu (@AustinZhu), Terry Chen <[email protected]>
5744 Latent Fungible Token Cozy Finance (@cozyfinance), Tony Sheng (@tonysheng), Matt Solomon (@mds1), David Laprade (@davidlaprade), Payom Dousti (@payomdousti), Chad Fleming (@chad-js), Franz Chen (@Dendrimer)
5753 Lockable Extension for EIP-721 Filipp Makarov (@filmakarov)
5791 Physical Backed Tokens 2pmflow (@2pmflow), locationtba (@locationtba), Cameron Robertson (@ccamrobertson), cygaar (@cygaar)
5792 Wallet Function Call API Moody Salem (@moodysalem)
5793 eth/68 - Add tx type to tx announcement Marius van der Wijden (@MariusVanDerWijden)
5805 Voting with delegation Hadrien Croubois (@Amxx), Francisco Giordano (@frangio)
5806 Delegate transaction Hadrien Croubois (@Amxx)
5827 Auto-renewable allowance extension zlace (@zlace0x), zhongfu (@zhongfu), edison0xyz (@edison0xyz)
5850 Complex Numbers stored in `bytes32` types Paul Edge (@genkifs)
5851 On-Chain Verifiable Credentials Yu Liu (@yuliu-debond), Junyi Zhong (@Jooeys)
5902 Smart Contract Event Hooks Simon Brown (@orbmis)
5988 Add Poseidon hash function precompile Abdelhamid Bakhta (@abdelhamidbakhta), Eli Ben Sasson (@Elistark), Avihu Levy (@avihu28), David Levit Gurevich (@DavidLevitGurevich)
6046 Replace SELFDESTRUCT with DEACTIVATE Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
6051 Private Key Encapsulation Base Labs (@Base-Labs), Weiji Guo (@weiji-cryptonatty)
6065 Real Estate Token Alex (@Alex-Klasma), Ben Fusek (@bfusek), Daniel Fallon-Cyr (@dfalloncyr)
6066 Signature Validation Method for NFTs Jack Boyuan Xu (@boyuanx)
6093 Custom errors for commonly-used tokens Ernesto García (@ernestognw), Francisco Giordano (@frangio), Hadrien Croubois (@Amxx)
6110 Supply validator deposits on chain Mikhail Kalinin (@mkalinin), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo)
6122 Forkid checks based on timestamps Marius van der Wijden (@MariusVanDerWijden)
6123 Smart Derivative Contract Christian Fries (@cfries), Peter Kohl-Landgraf (@pekola), Alexandros Korpis (@kourouta)
6170 Cross-Chain Messaging Interface Sujith Somraaj (@sujithsomraaj)
6189 Alias Contracts Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
6190 Verkle-compatible SELFDESTRUCT Pandapip1 (@Pandapip1)
6206 EOF - JUMPF instruction Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Matt Garnett (@lightclient)
6224 Contracts Dependencies Registry Artem Chystiakov (@arvolear)
6353 Charity token Aubay <[email protected]>, BOCA Jeabby (@bjeabby1507), EL MERSHATI Laith (@lth-elm), KEMP Elia (@eliakemp)
6381 Emotable Extension for Non-Fungible Tokens Bruno Škvorc (@Swader), Steven Pineda (@steven2308), Stevan Bogosavljevic (@stevyhacker), Jan Turk (@ThunderDeliverer)
6384 Human-readable offline signatures Tal Be'ery <[email protected]>, RoiV (@DeVaz1)
6454 Minimalistic Soulbound interface for NFTs Bruno Škvorc (@Swader), Francesco Sullo (@sullof), Steven Pineda (@steven2308), Stevan Bogosavljevic (@stevyhacker), Jan Turk (@ThunderDeliverer)


86 Abstraction of transaction origin and signature Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
101 Serenity Currency and Crypto Abstraction Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
107 safe "eth_sendTransaction" authorization via html popup Ronan Sandford (@wighawag)
205 ENS support for contract ABIs Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
210 Blockhash refactoring Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
233 Formal process of hard forks Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
615 Subroutines and Static Jumps for the EVM Greg Colvin <[email protected]>, Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Christian Reitwiessner (@chriseth)
616 SIMD Operations for the EVM Greg Colvin <[email protected]>
634 Storage of text records in ENS Richard Moore (@ricmoo)
665 Add precompiled contract for Ed25519 signature verification Tobias Oberstein <[email protected]>
689 Address Collision of Contract Address Causes Exceptional Halt Yoichi Hirai <[email protected]>
698 OPCODE 0x46 BLOCKREWARD Cody Burns <[email protected]>
747 Add wallet_watchAsset to Provider Dan Finlay (@danfinlay), Esteban Mino (@estebanmino)
758 Subscriptions and filters for completed transactions Jack Peterson <[email protected]>
801 Canary Standard ligi <[email protected]>
823 Token Exchange Standard Kashish Khullar <[email protected]>
858 Reduce block reward and delay difficulty bomb Carl Larson <[email protected]>
867 Standardized Ethereum Recovery Proposals Dan Phifer <[email protected]>, James Levy <[email protected]>, Reuben Youngblom <[email protected]>
884 DGCL Token Dave Sag <[email protected]>
897 DelegateProxy Jorge Izquierdo <[email protected]>, Manuel Araoz <[email protected]>
900 Simple Staking Interface Dean Eigenmann <[email protected]>, Jorge Izquierdo <[email protected]>
902 Token Validation Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede), Tom Carchrae (@carchrae), Gleb Naumenko (@naumenkogs)
918 Mineable Token Standard Jay Logelin <[email protected]>, Infernal_toast <[email protected]>, Michael Seiler <[email protected]>, Brandon Grill <[email protected]>
926 Address metadata registry Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
927 Generalised authorisations Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
969 Modifications to ethash to invalidate existing dedicated hardware implementations David Stanfill <[email protected]>
998 ERC-998 Composable Non-Fungible Token Standard Matt Lockyer <[email protected]>, Nick Mudge <[email protected]>, Jordan Schalm <[email protected]>
1010 Uniformity Between 0xAb5801a7D398351b8bE11C439e05C5B3259aeC9B and 0x15E55EF43efA8348dDaeAa455F16C43B64917e3c Anderson Wesley (@andywesley)
1011 Hybrid Casper FFG Danny Ryan (@djrtwo), Chih-Cheng Liang (@ChihChengLiang)
1015 Configurable On Chain Issuance Alex Van de Sande <[email protected]>
1046 ERC20 Metadata Extension Tommy Nicholas (@tomasienrbc), Matt Russo (@mateosu), John Zettler (@JohnZettler), Matt Condon (@shrugs)
1051 Overflow checking for the EVM Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
1056 Ethereum Lightweight Identity Pelle Braendgaard <[email protected]>, Joel Torstensson <[email protected]>
1057 ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-Work Greg Colvin <[email protected]>, Andrea Lanfranchi (@AndreaLanfranchi), Michael Carter (@bitsbetrippin), IfDefElse <[email protected]>
1062 Formalize IPFS hash into ENS(Ethereum Name Service) resolver Phyrex Tsai <[email protected]>, Portal Network Team
1066 Status Codes Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede), Tom Carchrae (@carchrae), Gleb Naumenko (@naumenkogs)
1077 Gas relay for contract calls Alex Van de Sande <[email protected]>, Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt (@3esmit)
1078 Universal login / signup using ENS subdomains Alex Van de Sande <[email protected]>
1080 Recoverable Token Bradley Leatherwood <[email protected]>
1081 Standard Bounties Mark Beylin <[email protected]>, Kevin Owocki <[email protected]>, Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt (@3esmit)
1087 Net gas metering for SSTORE operations Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
1102 Opt-in account exposure Paul Bouchon <[email protected]>, Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
1109 PRECOMPILEDCALL opcode (Remove CALL costs for precompiled contracts) Jordi Baylina (@jbaylina)
1129 Standardised DAPP announcements Jan Turk (@ThunderDeliverer)
1132 Extending ERC20 with token locking capability nitika-goel <[email protected]>
1175 Wallet & shop standard for all tokens (erc20) Jet Lim (@Nitro888)
1178 Multi-class Token Standard Albert Chon <[email protected]>
1185 Storage of DNS Records in ENS Jim McDonald (@mcdee)
1186 RPC-Method to get Merkle Proofs - eth_getProof Simon Jentzsch <[email protected]>, Christoph Jentzsch <[email protected]>
1203 ERC-1203 Multi-Class Token Standard (ERC-20 Extension) Jeff Huang <[email protected]>, Min Zu <[email protected]>
1207 DAuth Access Delegation Standard Xiaoyu Wang (@wxygeek), Bicong Wang (@Wangbicong)
1227 Defuse Difficulty Bomb and Reset Block Reward SmeargleUsedFly (@SmeargleUsedFly)
1261 Membership Verification Token (MVT) Chaitanya Potti (@chaitanyapotti), Partha Bhattacharya (@pb25193)
1276 Eliminate Difficulty Bomb and Adjust Block Reward on Constantinople Shift EOS Classic (@eosclassicteam)
1285 Increase Gcallstipend gas in the CALL opcode Ben Kaufman <[email protected]>, Adam Levi <[email protected]>
1295 Modify Ethereum PoW Incentive Structure and Delay Difficulty Bomb Brian Venturo (@atlanticcrypto)
1319 Smart Contract Package Registry Interface Piper Merriam <[email protected]>, Christopher Gewecke <[email protected]>, g. nicholas d'andrea <[email protected]>, Nick Gheorghita (@njgheorghita)
1337 Subscriptions on the blockchain Kevin Owocki <[email protected]>, Andrew Redden <[email protected]>, Scott Burke <[email protected]>, Kevin Seagraves <[email protected]>, Luka Kacil <[email protected]>, Štefan Šimec <[email protected]>, Piotr Kosiński (@kosecki123), ankit raj <[email protected]>, John Griffin <[email protected]>, Nathan Creswell <[email protected]>
1352 Specify restricted address range for precompiles/system contracts Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
1380 Reduced gas cost for call to self Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Jacques Wagener (@jacqueswww)
1386 Attestation management contract Weiwu Zhang <[email protected]>, James Sangalli <[email protected]>
1387 Merkle Tree Attestations with Privacy enabled Weiwu Zhang <[email protected]>, James Sangalli <[email protected]>
1388 Attestation Issuers Management List Weiwu Zhang <[email protected]>, James Sangalli <[email protected]>
1417 Poll Standard Chaitanya Potti (@chaitanyapotti), Partha Bhattacharya (@pb25193)
1438 dApp Components (avatar) & Universal Wallet Jet Lim (@Nitro888)
1444 Localized Messaging with Signal-to-Text Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede), Jennifer Cooper (@jenncoop)
1450 ERC-1450 A compatible security token for issuing and trading SEC-compliant securities John Shiple (@johnshiple), Howard Marks <[email protected]>, David Zhang <[email protected]>
1462 Base Security Token Maxim Kupriianov <[email protected]>, Julian Svirsky <[email protected]>
1470 Smart Contract Weakness Classification (SWC) Gerhard Wagner (@thec00n)
1474 Remote procedure call specification Paul Bouchon <[email protected]>, Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
1482 Define a maximum block timestamp drift Maurelian (@Maurelian)
1484 Digital Identity Aggregator Anurag Angara <[email protected]>, Andy Chorlian <[email protected]>, Shane Hampton <[email protected]>, Noah Zinsmeister <[email protected]>
1485 TEthashV1 trustfarm <[email protected]>, trustfarm <[email protected]>
1491 Human Cost Accounting Standard (Like Gas but for humans) Iamnot Chris (@cohabo)
1504 Upgradable Smart Contract Kaidong Wu <[email protected]>, Chuqiao Ren <[email protected]>, Ruthia He <[email protected]>, Yun Ma <[email protected]>, Xuanzhe Liu <[email protected]>
1523 Standard for Insurance Policies as ERC-721 Non Fungible Tokens Christoph Mussenbrock (@christoph2806)
1571 EthereumStratum/2.0.0 Andrea Lanfranchi (@AndreaLanfranchi), Pawel Bylica (@chfast), Marius Van Der Wijden (@MariusVanDerWijden)
1577 contenthash field for ENS Dean Eigenmann <[email protected]>, Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
1581 Non-wallet usage of keys derived from BIP-32 trees Michele Balistreri (@bitgamma)
1588 Hardfork Meta: Ethereum ProgPoW Ikmyeong Na (@naikmyeong)
1592 Address and ERC20-compliant transfer rules Cyril Lapinte <[email protected]>, Laurent Aapro <[email protected]>
1613 Gas stations network Yoav Weiss <[email protected]>, Dror Tirosh <[email protected]>, Alex Forshtat <[email protected]>
1616 Attribute Registry Standard 0age (@0age), Santiago Palladino (@spalladino), Leo Arias (@elopio), Alejo Salles (@fiiiu), Stephane Gosselin (@thegostep)
1620 Money Streaming Paul Berg (@PaulRBerg)
1633 Re-Fungible Token Standard (RFT) Billy Rennekamp (@okwme), Dan Long <[email protected]>, Kiryl Yermakou <[email protected]>, Nate van der Ende <[email protected]>
1681 Temporal Replay Protection Martin Holst Swende (@holiman)
1702 Generalized Account Versioning Scheme Wei Tang (@sorpaas)
1710 URL Format for Web3 Browsers Bruno Barbieri (@brunobar79)
1753 Smart Contract Interface for Licences Lucas Cullen (@BitcoinBrisbane), Kai Yeung (@CivicKai), Anna Crowley <[email protected]>, Caroline Marshall <[email protected]>, Katrina Donaghy <[email protected]>
1761 Scoped Approval Interface Witek Radomski <[email protected]>, Andrew Cooke <[email protected]>, James Therien <[email protected]>, Eric Binet <[email protected]>
1767 GraphQL interface to Ethereum node data Nick Johnson (@arachnid), Raúl Kripalani (@raulk), Kris Shinn (@kshinn)
1775 App Keys, application specific wallet accounts Vincent Eli (@Bunjin), Dan Finlay (@DanFinlay)
1803 Rename opcodes for clarity Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
1812 Ethereum Verifiable Claims Pelle Braendgaard (@pelle)
1822 Universal Upgradeable Proxy Standard (UUPS) Gabriel Barros <[email protected]>, Patrick Gallagher <[email protected]>
1829 Precompile for Elliptic Curve Linear Combinations Remco Bloemen <[email protected]>
1844 ENS Interface Discovery Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
1872 Ethereum Network Upgrade Windows Danno Ferrin (@shemnon)
1895 Support for an Elliptic Curve Cycle Alexandre Belling <[email protected]>
1900 dType - Decentralized Type System for EVM Loredana Cirstea (@loredanacirstea), Christian Tzurcanu (@ctzurcanu)
1901 Add OpenRPC Service Discovery To JSON-RPC Services Shane Jonas (@shanejonas), Zachary Belford (@belfordz)
1921 dType Functions Extension Loredana Cirstea (@loredanacirstea), Christian Tzurcanu (@ctzurcanu)
1922 zk-SNARK Verifier Standard Michael Connor <[email protected]>, Chaitanya Konda <[email protected]>, Duncan Westland <[email protected]>
1923 zk-SNARK Verifier Registry Standard Michael Connor <[email protected]>, Chaitanya Konda <[email protected]>, Duncan Westland <[email protected]>
1930 CALLs with strict gas semantic. Revert if not enough gas available. Ronan Sandford (@wighawag)
1948 Non-fungible Data Token Johann Barbie (@johannbarbie), Ben Bollen <[email protected]>, pinkiebell (@pinkiebell)
1959 New Opcode to check if a chainID is part of the history of chainIDs Ronan Sandford (@wighawag)
1962 EC arithmetic and pairings with runtime definitions Alex Vlasov (@shamatar)
1965 Method to check if a chainID is valid at a specific block Number Ronan Sandford (@wighawag)
1973 Scalable Rewards Lee Raj (@lerajk), Qin Jian (@qinjian)
1985 Sane limits for certain EVM parameters Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast)
1996 Holdable Token Julio Faura <[email protected]>, Fernando Paris <[email protected]>, Daniel Lehrner <[email protected]>
2003 EVMC modules for implementations of precompiled contracts Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2009 Compliance Service Daniel Lehrner <[email protected]>
2014 Extended State Oracle Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2015 Wallet Update Ethereum Chain RPC Method (`wallet_updateEthereumChain`) Pedro Gomes (@pedrouid), Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
2018 Clearable Token Julio Faura <[email protected]>, Fernando Paris <[email protected]>, Daniel Lehrner <[email protected]>
2019 Fundable Token Fernando Paris <[email protected]>, Julio Faura <[email protected]>, Daniel Lehrner <[email protected]>
2020 E-Money Standard Token Julio Faura <[email protected]>, Fernando Paris <[email protected]>, Daniel Lehrner <[email protected]>
2021 Payoutable Token Fernando Paris <[email protected]>, Julio Faura <[email protected]>, Daniel Lehrner <[email protected]>
2026 State Rent H - Fixed Prepayment for accounts Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov)
2027 State Rent C - Net contract size accounting Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov)
2029 State Rent A - State counters contract Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov)
2031 State Rent B - Net transaction counter Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov)
2035 Stateless Clients - Repricing SLOAD and SSTORE to pay for block proofs Alexey Akhunov (@AlexeyAkhunov)
2045 Particle gas costs for EVM opcodes Casey Detrio (@cdetrio), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2046 Reduced gas cost for static calls made to precompiles Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2069 Recommendation for using YAML ABI in ERCs/EIPs Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2070 Hardfork Meta: Berlin Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2157 dType Storage Extension - Decentralized Type System for EVM Loredana Cirstea (@loredanacirstea), Christian Tzurcanu (@ctzurcanu)
2193 dType Alias Extension - Decentralized Type System Loredana Cirstea (@loredanacirstea), Christian Tzurcanu (@ctzurcanu)
2242 Transaction Postdata John Adler (@adlerjohn)
2255 Wallet Permissions System Dan Finlay (@danfinlay), Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
2256 wallet_getOwnedAssets JSON-RPC Method Loredana Cirstea (@loredanacirstea)
2304 Multichain address resolution for ENS Nick Johnson <[email protected]>
2327 BEGINDATA opcode Martin Lundfall (@MrChico)
2333 BLS12-381 Key Generation Carl Beekhuizen <[email protected]>
2334 BLS12-381 Deterministic Account Hierarchy Carl Beekhuizen <[email protected]>
2335 BLS12-381 Keystore Carl Beekhuizen <[email protected]>
2378 EIPs Eligible for Inclusion James Hancock (@MadeofTin)
2386 Ethereum 2 Hierarchical Deterministic Walletstore Jim McDonald <[email protected]>
2390 Geo-ENS James Choncholas (@james-choncholas)
2400 Transaction Receipt URI Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt (@3esmit), Eric Dvorsak (@yenda)
2470 Singleton Factory Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt (@3esmit)
2474 Coinbase calls Ricardo Guilherme Schmidt (@3esmit)
2477 Token Metadata Integrity Kristijan Sedlak (@xpepermint), William Entriken <[email protected]>, Witek Radomski <[email protected]>
2488 Deprecate the CALLCODE opcode Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2494 Baby Jubjub Elliptic Curve Barry WhiteHat (@barryWhiteHat), Marta Bellés (@bellesmarta), Jordi Baylina (@jbaylina)
2515 Implement Difficulty Freeze James Hancock (@madeoftin)
2520 Multiple contenthash records for ENS Filip Štamcar (@filips123)
2525 ENSLogin Hadrien Croubois (@amxx)
2537 Precompile for BLS12-381 curve operations Alex Vlasov (@shamatar), Kelly Olson (@ineffectualproperty)
2539 BLS12-377 curve operations Alex Vlasov (@shamatar)
2542 New opcodes TXGASLIMIT and CALLGASLIMIT Alex Forshtat <[email protected]>
2544 ENS Wildcard Resolution Nick Johnson (@arachnid), 0age (@0age)
2566 Human Readable Parameters for Contract Function Execution Joseph Stockermans (@jstoxrocky)
2569 Saving and Displaying Image Onchain for Universal Tokens Hua Zhang (@dgczhh), Yuefei Tan (@whtyfhas), Derek Zhou (@zhous), Ran Xing (@lemontreeran)
2583 Penalty for account trie misses Martin Holst Swende (@holiman)
2584 Trie format transition with overlay trees Guillaume Ballet (@gballet)
2593 Escalator fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain Dan Finlay <[email protected]>
2615 Non-Fungible Token with mortgage and rental functions Kohshi Shiba <[email protected]>
2645 Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet for Layer-2 Tom Brand <[email protected]>, Louis Guthmann <[email protected]>
2657 Ephemeral Testnet Yolo James Hancock (@madeoftin)
2666 Repricing of precompiles and Keccak256 function Alex Vlasov (@shamatar)
2677 Limit size of `initcode` Martin Holst Swende (@holiman), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2680 Ethereum 2 wallet layout Jim McDonald <[email protected]>
2746 Rules Engine Standard Aaron Kendall (@jaerith), Juan Blanco (@juanfranblanco)
2767 Contract Ownership Governance Soham Zemse (@zemse), Nick Mudge (@mudgen)
2770 Meta-Transactions Forwarder Contract Alex Forshtat (@forshtat), Dror Tirosh (@drortirosh)
2803 Rich Transactions Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
2831 Transaction Replacement Message Type Gregory Markou (@GregTheGreek)
2844 Add DID related methods to the JSON-RPC Joel Thorstensson (@oed)
2848 My Own Messages (MOM) Giuseppe Bertone (@Neurone)
2876 Deposit contract and address standard Jonathan Underwood (@junderw)
2917 Staking Reward Calculation Tony Carson <[email protected]>, Mehmet Sabir Kiraz <[email protected]>, Süleyman Kardaş <[email protected]>
2926 Chunk-Based Code Merkleization Sina Mahmoodi (@s1na), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
2935 Save historical block hashes in state Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Tomasz Stanczak (@tkstanczak)
2936 EXTCLEAR Opcode For SELFDESTRUCTed contracts William Morriss (@wjmelements)
2937 SET_INDESTRUCTIBLE opcode Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
2938 Account Abstraction Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Ansgar Dietrichs (@adietrichs), Matt Garnett (@lightclient), Will Villanueva (@villanuevawill), Sam Wilson (@SamWilsn)
2942 EthPM URI Specification Nick Gheorghita (@njgheorghita), Piper Merriam (@pipermerriam), g. nicholas d'andrea (@gnidan), Benjamin Hauser (@iamdefinitelyahuman)
2970 IS_STATIC opcode Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin)
2980 Swiss Compliant Asset Token Gianluca Perletti (@Perlets9), Alan Scarpellini (@alanscarpellini), Roberto Gorini (@robertogorini), Manuel Olivi (@manvel79)
2997 IMPERSONATECALL Opcode Sergio Demian Lerner (@SergioDemianLerner)
3000 Optimistic enactment governance standard Jorge Izquierdo (@izqui), Fabien Marino (@bonustrack)
3005 Batched meta transactions Matt (@defifuture)
3009 Transfer With Authorization Peter Jihoon Kim (@petejkim), Kevin Britz (@kbrizzle), David Knott (@DavidLKnott)
3014 eth_symbol JSON-RPC method Peter Grassberger (@PeterTheOne)
3026 BW6-761 curve operations Youssef El Housni (@yelhousni), Michael Connor (@iAmMichaelConnor), Aurore Guillevic <[email protected]>
3030 BLS Remote Signer HTTP API Herman Junge (@hermanjunge)
3041 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getBlockByHash` Abdelhamid Bakhta (@abdelhamidbakhta)
3044 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getBlockByNumber` Abdelhamid Bakhta (@abdelhamidbakhta)
3045 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndex` Abdelhamid Bakhta (@abdelhamidbakhta)
3046 Adds `baseFee` to `eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex` Abdelhamid Bakhta (@abdelhamidbakhta)
3068 Precompile for BN256 HashToCurve Algorithms Dr. Christopher Gorman (@chgormanMH)
3074 AUTH and AUTHCALL opcodes Sam Wilson (@SamWilsn), Ansgar Dietrichs (@adietrichs), Matt Garnett (@lightclient), Micah Zoltu (@micahzoltu)
3085 Wallet Add Ethereum Chain RPC Method (`wallet_addEthereumChain`) Erik Marks (@rekmarks), Pedro Gomes (@pedrouid)
3091 Block Explorer API Routes Pedro Gomes (@pedrouid)
3135 Exclusive Claimable Token Zhenyu Sun (@Ungigdu)
3143 Increase block rewards to 5 ETH Ben Tinner (@Terra854)
3155 EVM trace specification Martin Holst Swende (@holiman), Marius van der Wijden (@MariusVanDerWijden)
3220 Crosschain Identifier Specification Weijia Zhang (@weijia31415), Peter Robinson (@drinkcoffee)
3224 Described Data Richard Moore (@ricmoo), Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
3234 Batch Flash Loans Alberto Cuesta Cañada (@albertocuestacanada), Fiona Kobayashi (@fifikobayashi), fubuloubu (@fubuloubu), Austin Williams (@onewayfunction)
3238 Difficulty Bomb Delay to Q2/2022 Afri Schoedon (@q9f)
3267 Giving Ethereum fees to Future Salaries Victor Porton (@vporton), Victor Porton <[email protected]>
3298 Removal of refunds Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Martin Swende (@holiman)
3300 Phase out refunds William Morriss (@wjmelements)
3322 Account gas storage opcodes William Morriss (@wjmelements)
3326 Wallet Switch Ethereum Chain RPC Method (`wallet_switchEthereumChain`) Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
3336 Paged memory allocation for the EVM Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
3337 Frame pointer support for memory load and store operations Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
3368 Increase block rewards to 3 ETH, with 2 Year Decay to 1 ETH Scheduled Michael D. Carter (@BitsBeTrippin)
3372 5 FNV primes for ethash mineruniter969 (@mineruniter969), mineruniter969 <[email protected]>
3386 ERC-721 and ERC-1155 to ERC-20 Wrapper Calvin Koder (@ashrowz)
3403 Partial removal of refunds Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Martin Swende (@holiman)
3416 Median Gas Premium HexZorro (@hexzorro), Mojtaba Tefagh (@mtefagh)
3436 Expanded Clique Block Choice Rule Danno Ferrin (@shemnon)
3440 ERC-721 Editions Standard Nathan Ginnever (@nginnever)
3450 Standardized Shamir Secret Sharing Scheme for BIP-39 Mnemonics Daniel Streit (@danielstreit)
3508 Transaction Data Opcodes Alex Papageorgiou (@alex-ppg)
3520 Transaction Destination Opcode Alex Papageorgiou (@alex-ppg)
3521 Reduce access list cost Matt Garnett (@lightclient)
3534 Restricted Chain Context Type Transactions Isaac Ardis (@whilei)
3569 Sealed NFT Metadata Standard Sean Papanikolas (@pizzarob)
3584 Block Access List Gajinder Singh (@g11in), Piper Merriam (@pipermerriam)
3589 Assemble assets into NFTs Zhenyu Sun (@Ungigdu), Xinqi Yang (@xinqiyang)
3643 T-REX - Token for Regulated EXchanges Joachim Lebrun (@Joachim-Lebrun), Tony Malghem (@TonyMalghem), Kevin Thizy (@Nakasar), Luc Falempin (@lfalempin), Adam Boudjemaa (@Aboudjem)
3690 EOF - JUMPDEST Table Alex Beregszaszi (@axic), Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Andrei Maiboroda (@gumb0)
3709 Remove Support for Type 1 Transactions Gregory Markou (@GregTheGreek)
3722 Poster Auryn Macmillan (@auryn-macmillan)
3754 A Vanilla Non-Fungible Token Standard Simon Tian (@simontianx)
3756 Gas Limit Cap lightclient (@lightclient)
3772 Compressed Integers Soham Zemse (@zemse)
3788 Strict enforcement of chainId Gregory Markou (@GregTheGreek)
3978 Gas refunds on reverts Anton Bukov (@k06a), Mikhail Melnik (@ZumZoom)
4341 Ordered NFT Batch Standard Simon Tian (@simontianx)
4353 Interface for Staked Tokens in NFTs Rex Creed (@aug2uag), Dane Scarborough <[email protected]>
4361 Sign-In with Ethereum Wayne Chang (@wyc), Gregory Rocco (@obstropolos), Brantly Millegan (@brantlymillegan), Nick Johnson (@Arachnid)
4396 Time-Aware Base Fee Calculation Ansgar Dietrichs (@adietrichs)
4430 Described Transactions Richard Moore (@ricmoo), Nick Johnson (@arachnid)
4444 Bound Historical Data in Execution Clients George Kadianakis (@asn-d6), lightclient (@lightclient), Alex Stokes (@ralexstokes)
4488 Transaction calldata gas cost reduction with total calldata limit Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Ansgar Dietrichs (@adietrichs)
4520 Mult-byte opcodes prefixed by EB and EC. Brayton Goodall (@Spore-Druid-Bray), Mihir Faujdar (@uink45)
4521 721/20-compatible transfer Ross Campbell (@z0r0z)
4524 Safer ERC-20 William Schwab (@wschwab)
4546 Wrapped Deposits Justice Hudson (@jchancehud)
4573 Procedures for the EVM Greg Colvin (@gcolvin), Greg Colvin <[email protected]>
4671 Non-Tradable Tokens Standard Omar Aflak (@omaraflak), Pol-Malo Le Bris, Marvin Martin (@MarvinMartin24)
4747 Simplify EIP-161 Peter Davies (@petertdavies)
4760 SELFDESTRUCT bomb Guillaume Ballet (@gballet), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Dankrad Feist (@dankrad)
4762 Statelessness gas cost changes Guillaume Ballet (@gballet), Vitalik Buterin (@vbuterin), Dankrad Feist (@dankrad)
4788 Beacon state root in the EVM Alex Stokes (@ralexstokes), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo)
4799 Non-Fungible Token Ownership Designation Standard David Buckman (@davidbuckman), Isaac Buckman (@isaacbuckman)
4803 Limit transaction gas to a maximum of 2^63-1 Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
4863 Beacon chain push withdrawals Alex Stokes (@ralexstokes), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo)
4931 Generic Token Upgrade Standard John Peterson (@John-peterson-coinbase), Roberto Bayardo (@roberto-bayardo), David Núñez (@cygnusv)
4944 Contract with Exactly One Non-fungible Token Víctor Muñoz (@victormunoz), Josep Lluis de la Rosa (@peplluis7), Andres El-Fakdi (@Bluezfish)
4950 Entangled Tokens Víctor Muñoz (@victormunoz), Josep Lluis de la Rosa (@peplluis7), Easy Innova (@easyinnova)
5022 Increase price of SSTORE from zero to non-zero to 40k gas Green (@greenlucid)
5065 Instruction for transferring ether Mudit Gupta (@maxsam4)
5094 URL Format for Ethereum Network Switching Luc van Kampen (@lucemans), Jakob Helgesson (@svemat01), Joshua Hendrix (@thejoshuahendrix)
5095 Principal Token Julian Traversa (@JTraversa), Robert Robbins (@robrobbins), Alberto Cuesta Cañada (@alcueca)
5131 SAFE Authentication For ENS Wilkins Chung (@wwhchung), Jalil Wahdatehagh (@jwahdatehagh), Cry (@crydoteth), Sillytuna (@sillytuna), Cyberpnk (@CyberpnkWin)
5143 Slippage Protection for Tokenized Vault Hadrien Croubois (@amxx)
5185 NFT Updatable Metadata Extension Christophe Le Bars (@clbrge)
5189 Account Abstraction via Endorsed Operations Agustín Aguilar (@agusx1211), Philippe Castonguay (@phabc)


3 Addition of CALLDEPTH opcode Martin Holst Swende <[email protected]>
67 URI Scheme with Metadata, Value and Bytecode Alex Van de Sande (@alexvansande)
875 Simpler NFT standard with batching and native atomic swaps Weiwu Zhang <[email protected]>, James Sangalli <[email protected]>
908 Reward clients for a sustainable network James Ray (@jamesray1), Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
999 Restore Contract Code at 0x863DF6BFa4469f3ead0bE8f9F2AAE51c91A907b4 Afri Schoedon (@5chdn)
1123 Revised Ethereum Smart Contract Packaging Standard g. nicholas d’andrea (@gnidan), Piper Merriam (@pipermerriam), Nick Gheorghita (@njgheorghita), Danny Ryan (@djrtwo)
1154 Oracle Interface Alan Lu (@cag)
1240 Remove Difficulty Bomb Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
1355 Ethash 1a Paweł Bylica (@chfast), Jean M. Cyr (@jean-m-cyr)
1538 Transparent Contract Standard Nick Mudge <[email protected]>
1682 Storage Rent Felix J Lange (@fjl), Martin Holst Swende (@holiman)
1706 Disable SSTORE with gasleft lower than call stipend Alex Forshtat <[email protected]>, Yoav Weiss <[email protected]>
1890 Commitment to Sustainable Ecosystem Funding Gregory Markou <[email protected]>, Kevin Owocki <[email protected]>, Lane Rettig <[email protected]>
2025 Block Rewards Proposal for funding Eth1.x James Hancock (@madeoftin)
2315 Simple Subroutines for the EVM Greg Colvin (@gcolvin), Martin Holst Swende (@holiman), Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede), John Max Skaller <[email protected]>
2458 Updates and Updated-by Header Edson Ayllon (@edsonayllon)
2711 Sponsored, expiring and batch transactions. Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
2733 Transaction Package Matt Garnett (@lightclient)
2780 Reduce intrinsic transaction gas Matt Garnett (@lightclient), Uri Klarman (@uriklarman)
2786 Ethereum Provider Connect/Disconnect Events Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu), Erik Marks (@rekmarks)
2972 Wrapped Legacy Transactions Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu)
3332 MEDGASPRICE Opcode Justice Hudson (@jchancehud)
3338 Limit account nonce to 2^52 Micah Zoltu (@MicahZoltu), Alex Beregszaszi (@axic)
3374 Predictable Proof-of-Work (POW) Sunsetting Query0x (@Query0x)
3382 Hardcoded Block Gas Limit Philippe Castonguay (@PhABC)
3779 Safer Control Flow for the EVM Greg Colvin (@gcolvin), Greg Colvin <[email protected]>, Brooklyn Zelenka (@expede)